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CJ Covington

A Growing City

  1. niziol27
    wooooow... i like realism!
  2. Drazicdesign
    Another very nice achievement,
    your city gives me the impression of seeing a city on the North American continent,
    a great job with the RHM,
    Your city center looks dense, I would like to see more detail of the city center!
    Despite some bridge pillars that straddle the highway, I love your city!

  3. kipate
    Perfect recreation of an American city. Reminds me a bit on Atlanta, GA, with the CBD being surrounded by all the highways. The airport may need some refinement, though, especially regarding the use of the plaza mods. But keep it up!
  4. chupobumbo
    Excellent work, i'd like seeing more detailed pictures
  5. benhur1967
    Good work. I like how you treated the borders with greeneries and trees. But pay attention to the huge pillars on the highway.
  6. MilkyMiloNZ
    I'm glad to see this on here, most of these city journals are so expansive and intricate and put me off posting but this is a good city and looks like something I could manage myself which makes me feel like one day I could post mine here to :)