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Tutorial Enable MULTICORE! Support FOR Cities XL Platium

3rd Party Tools

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Platium
    Like other postings that have appeared in the past, this promises multi-core support, something that cannot be done without re-programming the entire game. You don't need this program to change which core is being used by the game; Just open task manager and set the affinity through there (as Monty has indicated in his edit of the post).
  2. signum_temporis
    Version: Platium
    You don't need to use Process Hacker for it. Task Manager builded in Windows allow to do the same.

    "change: <PoolSize>2048</PoolSize> to <PoolSize>8192</PoolSize> (your max RAM memory, i have 8192)"

    It doesn't have anthing to memory size used by game. 32 bits program, Cities XL is 32bits, can utilize maximum 2GB of RAM or 4GB if it is compiled with special flag LARGEADDRESSAWARE.

    PoolSize is size of Direct3D buffer for storing variety of resources. Size is given usually in kB - 2048 means 2MB
  3. dlimpens
    Version: Platium
    See my comment, in my opinion it doesn`t work with intel core i7...the game slows down, menu`s open very slowly.
  4. zizaro
    Version: Platium
    Excellent!!! I'll probably be able to end my gigantic city before to turn to CXXL... time to let modders make the new game come great!!! Thanks very much for this mod!!!
  5. lguzman2011
    Version: Platium
    Well I don't know, but I have Cities XXL and Cities XL 2009 thru 2012 plus the upgrades. But I find that Cities XXL is working the best and have not had any problems at all. There is a great improvement with Cities XXL.
    Version: Platium
    This is great, im sure many ppl that still have CXL will need it to boost up the game, drastically, I also strongly recommend to modify GlobalSettings.cfg to change some SIGNIFICANT PARAMETERS..

    open c://..Data>Config>GlobalSettings.cfg

    change: <PoolSize>2048</PoolSize> to <PoolSize>8192</PoolSize> (your max RAM memory, i have 8192)

    change: <VisibilityEnabled>2</VisibilityEnabled> to <VisibilityEnabled>0</VisibilityEnabled> (this will cause that the game loads the models/textures from your city only 1 time after loading the town, not overtime you zoom in/out , cpu now runs smoother.

    Also,Im am Using also MacOS and I can confirm there is no proper way use CPU affinity because Apple dosen't support that ,yet.

  7. MuxLee
    Version: Platium
    It works better than before- loaded cities with >1 million citizens and I can play for ages . cpu never maxed out
  8. simogimo
    Version: Platium
    Works with Mac os? I use Crossover to emulate windows xp
    1. RealCity
      Author's Response
      No idea, I tested it with windows 8.1