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CJ tiwatsuki

Asian city

  1. Beckitcho
    Wonderful city in the sea....I love it.
  2. Inan
    I would like to give you 5 stars for all the Information, it is not seen often here. The City itself is a good example for an asian City. Keep on going!
  3. benhur1967
    I am European and I am not accustomed to Asian cities. Anyway, I think you have completely hit the point! Everything is so similar to reality and you wrote a awesome story!
    1. toop
      Author's Response
      Thank you this project was one of the smaller I miss this seve plus I liked this project so much that I'm remaking and will get even better than this.
  4. kipate
    I like your city! You made some progress compared to your Burokay Journal. It's not five stars, but you are getting closer! I can see that you invested lots of time into adding details to the city, not just housing blocks, good job with that! Your skyline looks quite good, and the greenery over the water adds some realistic feeling. And I love your background story, well thought through :)

    However, I miss some more parks, and also some more civic services, likes hospitals, or schools. Especially schools with some playgrounds for sports activities!
    1. toop
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I am redoing this city and I am doing more schools and places for sports soon I will update
  5. seizheurdumat
    Full Map and Japanese City.
    Japanese city ;)
  7. CraCkeR JaCk
    CraCkeR JaCk
    Nice and full island, wish there were more park and plaza photos. Still I like your style.