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The Palesterg University in tilt shift !

In Galax, Polaro.

The Palesterg University in tilt shift !
Myname, Mar 21, 2015
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    • CraCkeR JaCk
      This type of blur always reminds me of miniatures models (y)
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    • MrPeperonny
      Nice idea but I noticed something: in a "real" tilt shift fotography the Level of blurness doesn't change within one building. Look at this picture to See what I mean: http://cdn.digital-photo-secrets.com/images/tilt_shift_florence-large.jpg
      The Tower of that church is as sharp as the bottom parts of it. So for your picture, the dome of your building should have been sharp, too.
    • Rating:
      I'm speechless!!!
    • kipate
      Tilt/Shift is nothing real, you can do whatever you want with all the tools. Look here: http://benthomas.net.au/cityshrinker/
      You will recognize that sometimes even one and the same building
      has parts that are effect by tilt/shift and parts that are not.
      Especially when you scroll down to the Melbourne Photo...
    • MrPeperonny
      @kipate There is a real tilt shift fotography. You can even buy special lenses for these type of fotos. Sure, even with those lenses there can be minor differences within the same building. It's depending on the distance between the lense and the point that is fotographed. So yes, if this would be a real fotograph it could possibly be that the dome is a bit blurrier than the rest of the building because its distance to the lens is a bit more then the distance of the rest. But it should definitly be sharper then the buildings right behind the dome because they are many meters more away from the lense. :)
    • kipate
      Well, maybe you misunderstood me: I know that there
      is a real tilt/shift photography, hence also the link.
      But even with those special lenses, you can have nice effects,
      and some of the photos within the collection that comes up with
      the link I provided in my earlier post show that foreground buildings do not necessarily have to be sharper:
    • MrPeperonny
      @kipate Yes, I know what you mean. I still think, that it looks better in the picture I linked with the sharp tower and blurred background. Looks more like "real miniature" to me. But I accept that it seems like this is only my personal taste.. Wasn't aware of that. :-D
    • kipate
      yeah, I would agree that it looks better with just one highlighted structure
      and not a whole area instead, but well, that is personal taste, maybe @Myname likes
      it better the way he presented it :)
    • Myname
      The dome is blurred, that's all ! :ROFLMAO:
      That's no intentional, not deliberate ! :whistle:
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    Mar 21, 2015
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