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The Real Pluit City

This is the real Pluit City, Jakarta

gabidon, Feb 4, 2015
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    • kipate
    • gabidon

      Well , I agree with you Kipate. But is there a more efficient way to create a place where i live does not sink ?

      As a civilian , I can only hope that the government of Jakarta to build a large project in addition to Giant Sea Wall as the transfer of governance to another city , and create a huge reservoir .

      If not? You will find the new Venice
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    • kipate
      I think that, as the ground sinks due to more people taking more ground water,
      which indicates that the ground water somewhat was a stabilizing factor for the
      area around, people should first of all stop to take ground water out of the
      ground area of Jakarta, and receive water supply via aqueducts from the
      farther surroundings. Afterwards, stabilize the ground by filling it with
      e.g. with concrete partially. This may have a huge impact onto the eco-system
      of Jakarta, but one has to say that Jakarta already was quite a juggernaut.
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    Feb 4, 2015
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