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CJ 和岩·洛恩华 ~ Heyan: Lornenhua

My first serious work.I had to stop building because of the archived crashes.

  1. Heyan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    IMG (2).jpg
    My English is poor. So if you cannot understand, i am sorry.
    Due to website restrictions, I cannot update all the pictures to the page.all the pictures can be found over there:【图片】百度贴吧(I suggest users from Greater China visiting this page.(建议来自大中华地区的网友访问此页面。))
    I planned to finish the work, but now I had to stop building because of the game error.
    Only about five images have been processed by the professional software.Most of the pictures have been processed by Monty's Bluehour and Reshade.There are many problems in my city. I hope you can tell me these problems. Thank you.

    First, let us enter the center of the city
    IMG_010.jpg IMG_005.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_wsss_51_副本.jpg Image 6.png
    QQ图片20180716150401.jpg IMG_001.jpg

    Now, Welcome to the center park of Lornenhua. Citizens often come here to relax after work. Here, people can feel the pleasure of life.Visitors can see the landmark of the city, The Dawn of Times, which represents the spirit of a city that is receptive to new things.
    Image 9.png Image 8.png Image 10.png IMG_011.jpg Image 15.png Image 16.png

    This is the lifeblood of the city, Science and technology industrial park of Lornenhua. The manufacturers here have developed and produced many important scientific, technological and advanced parts and shipped them around the world through transportation facilities. Now, These companies are very mature. Creativity and courage have deeply affected entrepreneurs here.
    QQ图片20180716150326_副本.jpg IMG_009.jpg cxl_screenshot_wsss_50.jpg cxl_screenshot_wsss_49.jpg cxl_screenshot_wsss_52.jpg cxl_screenshot_wsss_47_副本.jpg cxl_screenshot_wsss_60_副本.jpg IMG_002 (2).jpg IMG_001 (2).jpg

    This is a beautiful suburb, mainly for the middle class and successful entrepreneurs.
    IMG.jpg IMG_002.jpg

    This is the old city, with a strong American flavor.
    CitiesXXL 2018-02-08 15-51-34.png Image 12.png Image 13.png Image 14.png QQ图片20180716115925.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Schechtel
    It is a pity that there is no satellite plan of the city with the layout of streets, And so everything is beautiful and realistic
  2. Inan
    I like the skyline and the ground level pictures! In China people are still playing the game it seems. :-)
  3. nicknick
    I like what i see. Very well done.

    The result is realistic and you have shown a good sense regarding organising structures and handling light / centerpieces and compositions.

    What i 'd would be happy to see would be more aerial views and more general views to be able to focis also on larger scale and city scale. All in all i like what i see and i would definitely want to see more.
  4. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    Very Realistic, good job
    1. Heyan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your affirmation, I will work harder in the future.
  5. Nairobi's light and dark
    Nairobi's light and dark
    1. Heyan
      Author's Response
  6. daochunhan
    1. Heyan
      Author's Response
  7. kipate
    Three stars :)
    I actually think that the city deserves some serious description. You showed just some pictures, but you didn't describe the city. Without any description, I, as a reader, will not associate any emotions with your city. What is the history, why did the mayor (=you) build things as he did, and so on.

    Also, what bugs me more, is that some parts have been built a bit carelessly. For example, the highways often have these ups and downs. With some more patience, you could have build a smooth elevated highway.

    I do actually like your skyline a lot, it is well balanced, the buildings are not too tall, and the height of the buildings does not change from 5m to 250m within one block. That's a good job :)

    The way you decorated your city is also quite creative, I like the use of the Gateway Arch, and your plazas look fine, too.
    1. Heyan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your advice. I will carefully sort out the pictures I posted.There's really a problem with the highway. I will try to improve it next time.