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Plazas 12 Concrete Tile Areas 2014-09-02

12 Concrete Tile Areas - Decoration Plaza

  1. nicko2u
    12 Concrete Tile Areas.

    The first 8 I used in game tiles, then added another 4 custom ones.

    To confuse you more I have renamed this original patch from:

    To read as:

    Use only one!

    They can be found under the Decoration-Areas-Tile menu after you have installed the .patch

    v 1.0 - Added 8 concrete decorations found in-game.
    v 1.2 - Adjusted to use the in-games paths reducing files size of patch considerably. Added over water option. Removed LOD.
    v 1.3 - Added 2 new custom concrete tiles
    v 1.4 - Adjusted construction cost to lower, which also sorts menu items if different. Set deconstruction to zero cost. Added new UIM 1.77.2 menu placement tag.
    v 1.5 - Added another 2 new custom concrete tiles.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. nickoConcreteTile01a.jpg
    2. nickoConcreteArea01.jpg
    3. nickoConcreteArea02.jpg
    4. nickoConcreteArea03.jpg
    5. nickoConcreteTile01Menu.jpg
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