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Plazas 24 Concrete Areas 2014-09-02

24 Concrete areas 12x2 - decoration plaza

  1. nicko2u
    Here are 24 new concrete areas. Consisting of 12 dark versions and 12 lighter versions.
    I have split the patch into two versions so you can install either one or both.

    I have uploaded both patch files as one Zip file. Therefore download the Zip file and Unzip the two patch files to your /mods/ directory. Use both or just one up to you, Delete any older patch versions of XLN_nicko_concrete_areas

    The Zip file contains the below two .patch files.

    • XLN_nicko_concrete_areas_D_v1.3.patch
    • XLN_nicko_concrete_areas_L_v1.3.patch

    _D = the Darker texture version and _L = the lighter version.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. ca01.jpg
    2. ca02.jpg
    3. ca03.jpg
    4. ca04.jpg
    5. menuConcrete1.jpg