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Tutorial Add rain to your screenshots 1.0

Very easy to use PSD file to add a rainy visual effect to any screenshot.

  1. Tortuga
    This is a file that adds a rainy visual effect to any image.


    RainyNight01.jpg RainyEvening.jpg

    1. The Tortuga_RainyFilter_1920x1080_v1.0.psd file is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. So it will work better if you use a screenshot that matches that size. To make sure, while in game, go to MAIN MENU > MENU > OPTIONS > RESOLUTION and chose 1920x1080. Don't exit the options window yet, I suggest you make sure your RESOLUTION is set to VERY HIGH.
    2. The Tortuga_RainyFilter_1920x1080_v1.0.psd file simply adds rain. So it is better to take a screenshot that already looks cloudy. Therefore, avoid using images at noon where one can see bright blue skies. Instead, I suggest taking them at morning, evening, or even night. (I also suggest using Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod http://xlnation.net/resources/realistic-day-night-cycle-mod.328/ but it is not necessary)
    3. Once you've taken your screenshot open the Tortuga_RainyFilter_1920x1080_v1.0.psd file with Photoshop.
    4. Go to File > Place and select your screenshot. You will probably find it at C:\Users\[username]\Pictures\Focus Home Interactive\Cities [version]
    5. Press INTRO.
    6. Finally, FILE > SAVE AS.
    If you want to, you can alter the intensity of the rain in two different ways:
    1. VERY EASY: Click on the Rain layer and change it's Opacity.
    2. NOT VERY DIFFICULT: Right above that "Rain" word there is a circle icon that's cut in half diagonally and if you hover your mouse over it says "Layer Thumbnail". Click it twice. A graphic will appear with three triangles beneath it. Move the triangles and see how the rain changes.

    This is my first resource. Feedback very welcome.


    1. RainyIcon.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. luis diogo
    luis diogo
    Version: 1.0
    Nice one mate. I'll post my result in discussion