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Tutorial Adjusting shore height

How to create a nice looking waterfront with smooth slope.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    The idea of this tutorial was given to me by ohadi195 who asked how to create riverfronts on the map "The Delta". So I used this map which has great difference between the water level and the height of the ground on both sides of the river.

    For this tutorial the following mods were used:
    - Water Roads, by pharmist
    - Promenade Pack, by Asterian

    First, let's choose a suitable place for this demonstration.


    As you can see the groung is very high compared to the promenades we would like to build.

    Step 1

    Use the water expressway as it is the widest water road available and draw several lanes starting from the water level and ending several meters inshore.
    Try to keep the inclination as smooth as possible, just like the picture below:


    For examples of possible errors click the spoiler tag

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    Step 2

    Do the same for the entire length of the shore you are interested in terraforming


    Step 3

    Delete the expressways. The height of the ground has been modified, as seen in the picture.


    Step 4

    Now build the waterfront you wanted.



    The good about this method is that by using the road to terraform the ground and not the terraform fuction is that you can have a smooth slope. Furthermore, by adjusting the height of the road manually you can have exactly the form you want at any time.