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Ploppables Airplane Livery Pack V1.0 2014-08-26

submitted for br41ns70rm

  1. XL Nation Staff
    I have migrated this mod for br41ns70rm and have guessed at the compatibility based on the creation date of the mod. For the sake of expediency, images for over 40 individual airline logos and skins remain to be migrated. - veija2

    I present:​

    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    This is my first Mod and is a replacement for Ploppable_Airplanes_OWP.patch from aitortilla01
    The original in game plane's show up in the build-menu with the aitortilla01 icon's
    All custom liveries are not visible in the in-game build-menu but are accessible true the upgrade feature. This to prevent an enormous amount of icon's in the menu.
    Integrated some of Exalight's skins from 2009 with there Icon from Victor Fleur's Airport mod.
    Added a new Reflection map to MY custom liveries for the A330 since original was blank. (Thank's for the spot Eano)
    I also removed the B747 model from the pack since Eano has been so kind to create new Boeing models.
    If you would like to have Boeing's as well download here:
    Passengers Planes Volume I pack
    -=>Airport Ploppables Released!<=-
    -=>ALP - KLM Livery Add-On Released!<=-
    I still got some idea's left for some more features in the future, so if you still have requests feel free to post them here:
    Airplane mod and Request Page
    Or send me a PM if you would like to create your own texture that you want me to put on a plane.

    Airplane Line-up
    airbus A320 - 10 airlines and 2 Exalight's skins
    Airbus A340 - 10 airlines and 1 e's skin
    Airbus A330 - 10 airlines and 1 e's skin
    Airbus A380 - 5 airlines and 2 e's skins
    Private Jet - 5

    Ofcourse i have to thank all the people that showed an intrest in this project and made some amazing Requested.
    If you see a Livery YOU requested. i want to say:

    br41ns70rm wrote:
    @ Requester,
    No Thank you, for showing me some more awesome disigns then the one's i came up with.
    Have "UIM V1.78.2" or higher installed
    Remove "Ploppable_Airplanes_OWP.patch" from your Pak's Folder
    Place my "XLN_Br41n_Airplane_Livery_Pack_V1.0.patch" in your Pak's Folder
    *if you have already placed the Boing 747 with Ploppable_Airplanes_OWP.patch you need to REMOVE those from your city before you start the installation above.
    *if you have already placed airbus airplane's with aitortilla01's mod you need to rebuild those to let them show the upgrade menu. Or just build Fresh ones.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation UIM V1.78.2 (or higher) by Altiris

Recent Reviews

  1. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    Version: 2014-08-26
    awesome addon, thanks!