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Ploppables Airport Ploppables 2014-08-26

submitted for br41ns70rm

  1. XL Nation Staff
    I have migrated this mod for br41ns70rm and have guessed at the compatibility based on the titles of the image files.
    • Ten individual small images of the ploppable items remain to be migrated at some future time.
    • link to request page remains to be set up. - veija2

    I present:
    Airport Ploppables


    This is a Mod that makes the Airport Furnitures Ploppable!
    Now you can make your own apron-setup and finish the details on your Airports.
    This pack contains 7 different model's With each an upgradeble Version
    The Buildeble one's are the normal In-game models.
    After Upgrading the models you will get Custom made Dark XL-Nation skin's.

    Cities XL - Ploppables - oil truck, supply truck, stair bus, luggage lift, luggages, drawer, carriage
    XL Nation - Ploppables - dark skinned vehicles as above with the XL Nation logo

    If you really want skin's for these that is possible, but i would only like to do Existing one's
    So please place your request at this threat (with real life picture's of versions for the models):

    Airplane mod and Request Page

    I really wanted to add these, but most of the actual model-files where corrupted. (Only Luggages-Lift is working correctly)
    So i had to make them ACTORS, this means the game need's time to load the models (like the cars do on aprons, and disappear if you go high up).
    The model you see, when placing now is a Blakc-Yellow Rod. And it will be seen a bit true all actors and you can ONLY select the model-ROD.
    My tip is when you want to place these. Place one down to see it's starting-orientation.
    After that rotate the ROD till you get to the Rotation you want the model to be.
    Most models you can select the rod easy, but be aware of the Drawer. Keep it selected if you want to upgrade or delete it if you'r not sure. Otherwise you have to bulldozer, or click endlessly till you select it.
    I am already trying to find a suitable solution for it, but so far, all have it's down-side's.
    (if you got any tip's please PM me)
    Another tip, when you placed your layout of your airport, got your planes standing and everything. Remove your patch need spots you want the Ploppables to go.
    This will MINIMIZE the risk of the UPGRADE_ROTATION bug.
    Have "UIM V1.78.2" or higher installed
    Place my "XLN_Br41n_Airport_Ploppables_V1.0.patch" in your Pak's Folder

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation UIM V1.78.2 (or higher) by Altiris