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Ploppables Airport taxiway components 1.1

Original author: Joues

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Using these components requires some skill:
    the Shift key + mouse to rotate

    Click the object you want to delete with the keyboard delete key to delete!

    Modular Airport by aitortilla01 is requiered!

    PS:These components may not particularly good, but I think they are useful, I hope you like it!
    Five components:

    20130417_3aaca5ee0a03a85def0fqtZE6EBHM6hM.jpg 20130417_86be381922193d18f45b3S0M9HF0eXma.jpg 20130417_c2763331a88e879c170aUcTsHdD43iwe.jpg

    20130417_0ef0c42bc11b3b6af4feFl1qphenR8pV.jpg 20130417_147ef67f9d14b569630fSy9KA8a7ulMU.jpg 20130417_619c98a77d2f56f462b51r4HYOJSQfdX.jpg 20130417_962d500ed9b4a99d81c3fCVi23IksTgC.jpg 20130417_3240b040eba0832a1a4e9H8bBqPmzQzd.jpg 20130417_91209ace68be53712b62G1R6BbVkSNnr.jpg 20130417_45370921ca3f6645ef04OA88blMvLDq8.jpg 20130417_e912d580aa17e9d5e0f0YP1J5CUjYIbB.jpg 20130417_e6029a859af295feb154ICOzkGXwpC03.jpg 20130418_16e317b85ff918633844I2dzqaL7Ry64.jpg 20130418_387ef9dc19266ac3ad95OeoxFxmBgH5a.jpg 20130418_d5e2aee1ab787cbc0534HpJBL9k1ydjp.jpg 20130418_e6d447e11bf0a2ed29d55N3YifyMeslF.jpg 20130418_fe141e0f1cb843936f62ZRtcmJcnxKGV.jpg 20130420_5c3a06799fd448a2f279dSQPSA385iKg.jpg 20130420_5f2b53ab3c84df2e71748NO3gAt2n1tA.jpg 20130420_a744f52eefa3306eba5ch6Lkt3sACmNA.jpg 20130420_c7c20105a12d578a84910ZiSoz1tu0so.jpg 20130420_d3b6008f1e457a6960ce7mDzCWwroliH.jpg 58398796201303191927164125317776140_001.jpg
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod
    Modular Airport Pack


    1. 20130417_5c793f855a6ea7e05a8fY17FlxMSSfA7.jpg
    2. 20130418_9828d56d788a65999d69cK2h2CzOyxKl.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.1
    This mod is essential for building realistic airports.