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Changes Airports Expander + pollution reduction 2.1

Original author: Rene

  1. Rene
    Large & small airport expander + pollution reducer mod V2
    - Adds passenger and freight services to big & small airports. V 2.1

    Version 2 mod updated and redone.

    The in-game airports has only passenger services, although airports in the real world do a lot of freight as well. This mod changes that! It adds both passenger and freight services to both airports; big and small.


    The most visible new effect is that big airport adds +2 holiday tokens and small airport adds +1 holiday token. However a lot of bug has been fixed, left by MC/FHI, and the citylink functionality has been complete redone and improved for the airports to act as real citylinks. Previously I only added capacities but now made a larger fix.

    * Download the new file and delete any old RN_airports_expander_pollut_reduc_mod.patch.

    * No need to delete and re-plop your airports.

    * Large Global Airport:
    Passenger capacity: 1000
    Freight capacity: 1000
    Reduced pollution
    +2 Holiday tokens

    * Small Continental Airport:
    Passenger capacity: 400
    Freight capacity: 400
    Reduced pollution
    +1 Holiday tokens

    * Passenger & freight capacities are in tokens, as in game.

    * Reduces pollution from airports:
    In CXL pollution affects either city wide, neighborhood wide, block wide or street wide. The idea of pollution reduction is to make ports more "offices, high tech, elites and executives nearby friendly". Therefore a large port pollution affects neighborhood wide, and a small port pollution affects block wide.

    * Trivia:
    - Compatible with NEXL waterways and NEXL ferry
    - Costs are the same and so is pollution types; airport pollutes both air & noise, but reduced.
    - Most major intercity terminals should produce holiday tokens as those are the way which tourism flows, but now at least airports have this. All intercity access routes do affect for example businesses, so holiday token add is a small addition compared tho the whole function of intercity locations.
    - The mod replaces original airports.
    - No need to re-plop your airports.

    * Install & uninstall:
    Remove RN_airports_expander_pollut_reduc_mod.patch and replace with this new patch.
    To install the mod place it to your paks or mods folder.
    To remove the mod simply remove it from your mods.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. a1lulg.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 2.1
    It does help. Thank you.