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CJ Albuquerque

My first XXL city---Ville au centre du désert

  1. HooHeeHaa
    CXXL offers us beautiful surroundings, weather options as well as a few(just a few) new buildings. That's alright. I can start building new cities.

    Albuquerque is still under heavy construction. Updates coming soon.
    La construction de la Ville est en cours. Veuillez patienter. Des mises à jour arriveront bientôt.
    The sunset of The Great Desert
    Le coucher de soleil du Grand Désert
    (ça me rappelle la mélancolie du Petit Prince)


    Euh...this city is still quite empty.
    Bah...cette ville reste plutôt déserte.


    Future City Centre
    Le Centre-ville Futur
    The Crossroads
    Le Carrefour
    Yeah I super love these new rectagular parks! However, my ability of decorating my city is considerably limited by the absence of pedestrian paths.


    Residential Area
    Zone Résidentielle


    The West Interchange
    L'échangeur Ouest
    Quite impossible to build a city without Highways and Interchanges, huh?

Recent Reviews

  1. AKHA
    Looking good, hope you share your secret craft. and how on earth did you find the elevated dual to 2-1 RHM elevated junction in the xxl menu
    1. HooHeeHaa
      Author's Response
      You should have RHM for XXL first. Location is Roads----Fast Lanes----Custom Building Set. There will be lots of "arrows". That's where to find the elevated juction.
  2. jpops808
    Looking good, especially your parks. My only disappointment isn't with your CJ, but that so many of the buildings look familiar in the new edition. Anyhoo, great job so far!
    1. HooHeeHaa
      Author's Response
      As I mentioned, the number of new XXL buildings is very limited.
  3. Rodyna
    Super! Where founded these parks????????????
    Cool , i wanna see more!