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CJ Alca

Beginning City

  1. Alibaba
    The City Alca was founded in 1997 by an architect who was not real famous in this business. He created little houses for familys who were searching a home in the mid-west of germany. His name is Alex. From time to time when he drawed his little houses he gets bored.
    He decided to invent a completely new city. He creates a complete new style of german architecture and invents a german city which fells out of all other Citys. Usually there are no skysraper in german Citys. But he was that excited by the architecture of highrise in Tokio or new for example that he gave a german city a new look. He works on it for a lot time, he was the cutest person in the world and married clara kamphausen in 2005. Alex is the most wonderfull person in the world.i love him. So much and i wish i have him forever.
    Thank you:D i love you too:)

    So yes... back to the history.
    Night and day he works on his project and then he decided to call the City Alca, he took the first two letters of his first name and the two first of claras last name. His dream City.


    1. tmp_4260-img1415137422524510723445.jpeg
    2. tmp_4260-img1415137301988-2116442040.jpeg
    3. tmp_4260-img1415127384932-240145078.jpeg
    4. tmp_4260-img1415126810132-325117569.jpeg
    5. tmp_4260-img1415126449064-1767819731.jpeg
    6. tmp_4260-img14151262269851358187930.jpeg
    7. tmp_4260-img1415120050862-1841653895.jpeg
    8. tmp_4260-img1415119910933688319646.jpeg
    9. tmp_4260-img141511985825526862893.jpeg
    10. tmp_4260-img14151197831581887760142.jpeg
    11. tmp_4260-img1415119739069-1416905420.jpeg
    12. tmp_4260-img14151195981872120393523.jpeg
    13. tmp_4260-img1415119162920898053535.jpeg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mrvoltura
    superb le magnifique
    1. Alibaba
      Author's Response
      Thank you!:)
  2. solo
    Great photo-shopping!! how bout some aerial pictures so we can see the entire city?
    1. Alibaba
      Author's Response
      I will make an update for it as soon as i can :) and thank you:)