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CJ Alcalá

A mid-sized city in the north

  1. ailo
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hi guys, welcome to the City of Alcalá, the gate to the north!

    Alcalá is the nineth biggest city of the Republic of San Alonso and is located on the north coast of Alamor Sea and at the edge of the Sierra del Fuego. The population is about 500,000 in 2016.

    The city is known for its coldest weather and longest winter among the country. Its nickname The Last Hearth (which comes from the Song of Ice and Fire) is well-earned, as winters here are dry and freezing cold, with a 24-hour average in January of only −20.4 °C. Summers can be cool and adorable, with a July mean temperature of 15.0 °C.

    CitiesXXL 2016-06-25 00-35-15-14_meitu_1.jpg
    The city has direct jurisdiction of 6 districts: Zócalo, Santa Lucía, Pichuta, Jalapa, Verde and Samara.
    The highway and railway to the north ends in Alcalá, which brings this city a high growth of economy. The port of the city, Puerto Gordo, also plays a important role in its development.

    The city map of Alcalá

    CitiesXXL 2016-06-25 00-35-15-14_副本.jpg

    Here are some aerial views of the city.

    aerial (2).jpg

    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-33-08-81.jpg


    The Zócalo district is the oldest part of the city. As the historic and politic center, Zócalo attracts many tourists.

    Some photos of this district
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 21-58-34-75.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 21-50-42-78.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 21-56-00-20.jpg

    The central plaza and the Zócalo Park
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-11-46-79.jpg
    The cathedral
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-14-05-10.jpg

    Central Plaza Hotel
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-17-11-91.jpg

    Santa Lucía

    The district of Santa Lucía is the most populated area of the city. It contains the CBD and the port.

    Some pictures taken from the CBD area
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-21-44-61.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-24-02-68.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-33-01-15.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-34-20-02.jpg
    Alcalá CBD at night

    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-27-46-71.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-29-14-24.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-22-10-30.jpg

    Alcalá CBD SOHO, recently built, ready for sale!

    CitiesXXL 2016-07-02 22-25-17-89.jpg

    Puerto Gordo, the port and industrial area of the city

    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-38-00-34.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-38-47-81.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-38-30-33.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-39-56-69.jpg
    some other pictures.

    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-23-53-42.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-32-07-71.jpg CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-35-11-60.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-36-02-52.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-25-11-85.jpg
    CitiesXXL 2016-07-03 10-34-27-19.jpg

    That´s all, thanks for watching!

Recent Updates

  1. Some more pictures

Recent Reviews

  1. qqqqqq
    I like the city, but can it be a little bigger? The scale is not enogh big for a capital
  2. ForeverLove
    Nice city. Great PS skill
    1. ailo
  3. xman90
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
  5. fayeddd
    cool city indeed! just look like small industrial city in China
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      Thanks fayeddd! Your Jakarta buildings are so well done!
  6. Inan
    I wish i had those editing skills! The city is nicely done, a bit to "ordered" here and there, but that's just a matter of taste. Well done!
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      Thanks Inan! Your cities inspired me a lot!
  7. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    Boy! What do I start with? The city is just SO WELL DONE!
    The only thing that I don't like is that I feel it's kinda small, any plans for future development?
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      I'm planning a new bigger tropical city. Aye, this city is finished, because as a winter city there are less buildings avilable (without palm trees) If i continue to build it, the buildings will be full of repetitions.
  8. ObelicS
    Great job man ! Really nice looking city :) And great presentation.
    Love the " sketchings " pictures. Density and urbanism is looking pretty good !
    Also i see you made city map :) For more "google map " look add layers with colors - blue for water, green for parks, dark grey for industry, etc.
    Also the plazas and park that are in first plan on pictures i suggest you to add trees manualy, cause default plazas are not realistic.

    Keep up the good work ! :)
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your suggestion! I was a bit lazy so I put tree plazas everywhere...
  9. Jotape
    Looks very realistic, fantastic skyline and great pictures. You did a fantastic work on this city.
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      Muito obligado!
  10. needspeed17
    oh,amazing,wanderful ps
    1. ailo
      Author's Response
      Thanks amigo!