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Ploppables ALP - KLM Livery Add-On 2014-08-26

submitted for br41ns70rm

  1. XL Nation Staff
    I have migrated this mod for br41ns70rm and have guessed at the compatibility based on the creation date of the mod.
    For the sake of expediency, image links for 3 planes and images for 7 truckers/carts remain to be migrated. - veija2

    I present:
    ALP - KLM Livery Add-On
    "The Flying Dutchman"
    Royal Dutch Airlines

    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    This is an Add-on for "XLN_Br41n_Airplane_Livery_Pack_V1.0.patch" and/or "XLN_Br41n_Airport_Ploppables_V1.0.patch"
    It contains 3 KLM Plane skin's and 7 KLM Ploppable skins.
    Both the Plane's and Ploppables will be ONLY available true the Upgrades-menu.
    If you only have the ALP patch and you add the add-on you will only have the 3 Plane skin's available.
    Some goes for the Ploppables Patch, if you only have that one, you will only have acces to the 7 ploppable skins.
    If you like them all. Make sure you got both "Installation Pre-requisite".
    If you really want skin's for these that is possible, but i would only like to do Existing one's
    So please place your request at this threat (with real life picture's of versions for the models):
    Airplane mod and Request Page
    KLM Line-up
    KLM - Planes
    (click icon to see the plane)

    Have "UIM V1.78.2" or higher installed
    Place my "XLN_Br41n_ALP-KLM_Livery_Add-On_V1.0" in your Pak's Folder
    *if you only have XLN_Br41n_Airplane_Livery_Pack_V1.0.patch installed, this add-on will work fine, but you only get Planes
    *if you only have XLN_Br41n_Airport_Ploppables_V1.0.patch installed, this add-on will work fine, but you only get Ploppables
    *if you have both you can enjoy the Full Add-on!

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation UIM V1.78.2 (or higher) by Altiris
    Airplane Livery Pack by Br41ns70rm
    Airport Ploppables by Br41ns70rm