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CJ Amberilla

Contemporary-Asian Dominated-City of the Future

  1. Artmaster
    Welcome to Amberilla! A contemporary city built on a holiday destined island somewhere in the far Pacific. For many decades the island was inhabited by only a few Asian settlers; the island was fairly quiet for some time until an ambitious business man came along and found the tropical and delightful gem.

    First he built up small China townesque area. Then slowly the downtown began to grow higher and higher due to lack of land and then quickly engulfed the primary Asian influences, but not entirely.

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    Then influences from across the globe entered the scene creating a dynamic downtown of cultural might.


    Some have even called Amberilla, little Tokyo, or the Manhattan of the Pacific, others say she is futuristic haven for progress, sporting engineering marvels. Nonetheless, a great vacation spot regardless of what they say.


    Over time vacation resorts found themselves squeezed by the ever increasing demand for real estate.


    Small suburbs exist here even! Though, the commute can be a little tough, some communities have brought some commerce to their own islands!


    The super rich eventually heard of Amberilla and brought their luxuries to places previous unfathomable.


    Cruise lines are no exception...
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    Much more of the city to be revealed in my next tour of Amberilla, the contemporary cowboy city in the sea!!! Aloha.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mrvoltura
    very packed but good
  2. Josephlonde
    A good place, a good city!