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Offices Amnef Embassy (+NOZAC version) 1.1

Amnef Embassy at Jakarta (my imagination building)

  1. fayeddd
    [Reassign to Fayeddd ASAP then remove this notice]

    what is Amnef? Amnef is the name of my country name in Simcity and Cities XL

    if you want the history and more facts about Amnef click here:
    National Fact
    Population: 982,000 (2012 census)
    GDP*: US$ 98 Billion (2011 est.)
    GDP per capita*: US$ 20,157 (2011 est.)
    HDI*: 0.790
    Main Import(Drunk: Car,Electronics,Gadgets
    Main Export(Drunk: Office,Metal
    Major Religion: Islam (35%), Christ (35%), Buddism (24%), Other (6%)
    Currency: CN (Cipin)
    Conversion Rate: 1 USD = 8000 CN
    Member of:
    - AOWN (Association of Worldwide Nation)
    - ASEAN (Association of Souteast Asian Nation)
    Timeline History
    900 - Hindu was grew in Federation
    1200 - Islam was grew in Federation
    1300 - Christ was grew in Federation
    1500 - European Colonialism
    1941 - World War II
    1957 - Independence (still with Malaya)
    1963 - Dispart with Malaya
    1970 - National Industry
    1999 - Be part of Indonesia
    2004 - Dispart with Indonesia
    2005 - recognized the world
    Amnef, that's called a small country in south china sea, south east asia.
    small island with a mega city on the outskirts of the river made amnef
    famous in the world.and do you know, amnef is part of indonesia.
    let see the history
    In about the year 900, known amnef is one of the islands are
    uninhabited, but some people say amnef is as a major marine base in the
    northern part of Srivijaya.
    than in 1150 some malaya people imigrate
    to this island and make a new life.. until in 1200, the mercenary from
    india and arab share their muslim religion to malaya people in amnef,
    they make small city on the outskirts of the river,because they
    though,river in amnef is very strategical location to do international
    trade.Amnef grow in 1230 because the muslim merchant. but in 1430, the
    spanish people come to malaya and borneo island.. they disturb amnef
    citizen life..because many amnef people got annoyed, they tried to expel
    the Spanish to leave their island,but the spanish wont and until make
    little war in some location.
    after 1490 the spanish gone but it
    because there is England and Dutch people come..they colonize the amnef
    island, and make it as merchant ship stop.
    until 1942, they still colonize us.
    than the world war II was happen, it made many country in south east asia free,
    But that time, the Dutch government have a problem with English,
    they made a pact who will have Amnef island, than english win.. than
    england give free independent to Malaya,(that time amnef is part of
    and in 1963 there was conflict between amnef island with malaya.. so amnef disapart with malaya and make a new country.
    grew very fast in 1969, and in 1970 they do national industry
    revolution, city on the riverskirt of the river was grew very fast too,
    there are some highrise building and that time, they make 11th tallest
    building in 1970.and until 1998, amnef was offered from indonesia too
    join them.and we were agree
    in 1999 amnef officialy became the part
    of islands in indonesia.but the goverment of indonesia too igronant to
    amnef, so amnef do a construction of their city with their own money...
    in 2004, the city of amnef is like Hongkong, they make a new flag,coatofarms,name,history,ministry,rules.
    and in 2010 they make 6th tallest building tower in the world again with 555m talls.
    because the city, many people know Amnef!!
    ok, so Amnef just built their embassy at Jakarta.


    more photos:

    944103_4980360831473_1162450094_n.jpg 485539_4980362111505_168853167_n.jpg 292346_4980362791522_421306103_n.jpg

    - T2 Office
    - Base: 40x40
    - Ploppable only (Custom Content Building Set)
    Menu Location:
    Office -> T2 (MSCUSTOM)
    it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you [​IMG]
    Thank you to Monty,Preyfr,Nicko for helped me [​IMG]
    download the Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod for get the best reflection

    i provide the version without palm trees too, you can use both of them in same time
    i am sorry for all players because i forgot put tag NOZAC in the class file that caused building grow everywhere [​IMG]
    just now i added the version with NOZAC too.. enjoy [​IMG]
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    UIM by Altiris


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Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Version: 1.1
    Is this working with XXL ?
    1. fayeddd
      Author's Response
      i tested the "XLN_Fyd_AmnefEmbsy.patch" and it works