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CJ Anderlecht

Switzerland's economic centre

  1. ObelicS
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015

    Go make some coffee and wait for everything to load :)
    Enjoy !


    is the most populated city in Switzerland ( 1.83 million). Situated where the Wusse river exits Lake Anamari, it is the capital of the Republic and canton of Anderlecht.
    Anderlecht is a global city, a financial center, and worldwide center for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organizations.

    SUm up.jpg

    Due to Anamari lake, Anderlecht is split in East and West Anderlecht.

    Anderlecht map.jpg

    East Anderlecht is smaller part of the city known for historical St.Aubin district, large and beautiful Marinas, riverbanks, Anderlecht university, city administration building,etc...

    Population : aprox 580.000

    East Anderlecht Aerial.jpg
    East Anderlecht map.jpg

    St. Aubin district - historical part of the city. Mostly built in 14th century on Aubin hill for better fortification.
    Today , St. Aubin, Natsal and Truns districts are main tourist destination in the city with numerous hotels and hostels.
    More details in further updates.

    St aubin aerial.jpg

    East Anderlecht is also knows for Anderlechtˇs university, city administarion building, riverbanks, marinas, and main Hospital complex.

    Inner part of East Anderlecht : Paidoux, Genthod and Lucerne districts.

    Genthod aerial.jpg
    East Anderlecht Aerial 2 Forum.jpg

    City that never sleeps :
    Night over East Anderlecht.jpg

    West Anderlechtˇs expansion started in 19 st. mainly cause of large flat area. This part of Anderlecht is known for daily growing skyline, beautiful parks, large avenues, 2 railway terminals and monumental buildings. Its home to 1.25 million people.
    More details in further updates.

    Panoramic view from Fribourg district to CBD Cresta -

    CBD Cresta from Fribourg.jpg

    Picture of largest city park Vermont and also favorite place for many residents of Anderlecth -
    Parc de la ville d Anderlecht.jpg

    Uvodna slika.jpg


    Special thanks to : Anamarija, Marko, nicknick, skullz613, Monty, drazicdesign, Pepino, Mr.X, Veija, Nogerian, axel,Immort_al, ronrn, nicko2u, aitortilla01, XOUSTE, fayeddd, Jotape, Altiris, Inan, kipate, Miguel, selodinger, loren banovic, toop, Kitsunebi, secpol, ovarz, Myname, Radiant Dawn, The Funky Monk, Supersnake, PauljChris, Birk Leglaire, AND the rest of the XL Nation members, for all great mods and inspiring work.


    1. Paidoux and Genthood destricts.jpg
    2. From Fribourg to Cresta.jpg
    3. Parc de le ville.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kris2604
    Just wonderful. Will be huge inspiration for future builders like me.
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Hey man ! I am very glad to hear that :)
      Thats also inspirational for me !
      Cheers !
  2. Inan
    Thought i already rated this... 5 stars of course, very wealthy european city, well deserved winner of the contest. Would like to see an american or southern city built by your talented hands :-) any chance?
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Hey mate. Thanks ! Oh yeah maybe I will build american city althou im not fan of and I never analyzed them. But I will take that as challenge probably. Not sure when thou, im really busy irl. Thanks once again :)
  3. seizheurdumat
    Well done !!! Very realistic.
  4. Rodyna
  5. Andreino19975
    Amazingly built city, it looks so realistic! You definitely deserve 5 stars!
  6. BahadirB
    Not very much to say, simply realistic and beautiful and it deserves to be the winner of the competition.
  7. Jotaere
    I would give your city twenty five stars, man. What a wonderful job that screams "COMMITMENT!"
    Next life I want to be you and build some really shocking cities.
    The parks, the zoning, the road layout, the photo edition... just amazed me.
    Hope you'll load some more details about the city. I'm expecting some history and stats!
    Thank you for sharing this.
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Ty man very much ! Really positive bursting comment . Im glad to leave such impression with my creation :) stay tuned for future updates :)
  8. Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando
    Excelent job! A perfect design. 5 stars!!!!!
  9. loren banovic
    loren banovic
    Jednostavno nemam riječi....
    Savršen grad. Vidi se tko je top dog na ovoj stranici hehe :).
    Ovo je najbolji grad iz ove igrice kojeg sam ikada vidio. Karta koju si sastavio je jednostavno savršena i komplimetira realističnosti tvoga grada. Stvarno ne mogu uočiti niti jednu manu u ovome gradu. Vidi se da si pazio na najmanje detalje i to vrvi u svakoj slici.
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Ej majstore.
      Hvala ti na komentaru ! :)
      Drago mi je da ti se svidja grad.
      Bit ce jos updateova pa chekiraj tu i tamo :D
  10. Mr.X²
    very nice and realistic city! well deserved winner of edzo competition :) i especially like how you were able to create sth like an old town within your city, and how one is able to recognize it as such. i always failed on that^^ keep up this splendid work