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Offices Apple Store, San Francisco 2.0

Apple Store of San Francisco in United State of America. USA

  1. DtwizzY
    • CitiesXL 2012
    • CitiesXL Platinum

    Hey guys,

    I have not forgotten you, but I'm busy these days, finally I still reworked mod.

    I added some details changed and textures, that was too bad especially the roof!

    I also changed the location of the building, he was in "Offices" and now it is in "Retail".

    Do not forget to remove the old version "v1".

    Thank you for your support friends. (y)

    See you soon for more buildings. :rolleyes:

    Hi everybody,

    This is my first mod, the Apple Store in San Francisco.

    This is my first test where the lack of quality, specially textures.

    I would correct in a future version 2.0, but I do not have a date for this event.

    This mod has not been tested on CXXL, maybe can you do it? or other version of course...



    Ingame Screenshot
    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    Specially thanks for :
    Mr.X², Monty, nicko2u, pauliaxz, PaulJChris & Aitortilla01 for their invaluable help and advice ... (y)

    Sorry for my bad english :unsure:
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Updates

  1. Apple Store [Reworked]

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2.0
    thanks for this
  2. vivek
    Version: 2.0
    i love to dis mod but unfortunately its crashing cxl platinum whenever i m using it plz fix it plzzzz
  3. Lokentaz
    Version: 2.0
    Not bad at all. Tested with XXL and it works.
    I found a little snag (more informations in the discussion)
  4. Josejr55
    Version: 2.0
    Nice, works fine with XXL...
  5. Supersnake
    Version: 2.0
    Good first attempt.
  6. skullz613
    Version: 1.0
    Good work for your first mod. Hope to see that version 2 later on.
    1. DtwizzY
      Author's Response
      Thanks skullz, V2 is online :)
  7. sadiemydog
    Version: 1.0
    This is an very interesting building! Looks unique and its sure nice to have them in an city with lots of W2W mods. It was also an piece wich lacks in the game. Glad to have them! The textures are a little bit bad quality. I haven´t test it before so I hope it works. 4/5 thanks to the bad quality from textures.
  8. parker2244
    Version: 1.0
    Wow! Its very nice and its so small! Only 488 kbs! Thanx
  9. ailo
    Version: 1.0
    Like it, but where is it located?
  10. lguzman2011
    Version: 1.0
    A great building to add to the collections. thanks