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CJ Ardemića

An Adriatic City

  1. BahadirB
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    00_00_Ardemica_Coat of Arms.gif

    Welcome to Ardemića!

    Ardemića is a Croatian city on the northerneast shore of the Adriatic Sea, and is on the eastern side of the Istra Peninsula. With the population of 134,000, Ardemića is one of the most crowded cities in the Istria County. The green alluvial valleys of the city are surrounded by the mountains which are parts of the greater Dinaric Alps. The Zelenika Mountain, which rises immediately from the shore stands as a barrier to the southern Adriatic.

    Today, with its historical heritage and peaceful havens at the northernmost of Adriatic, Ardemića is becoming a pleasant touristic attraction.

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    A postal card from the 1960s.
    01_01_Ardemica Oldtown in the 1980s.jpg

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    Sveta Jelena
    The district is famous for its Temple of Artemis, an ancient monument the city is named after. The temple was abandoned in the late Roman era and the subsequent centuries. However, with the Enlightenment in Europe, the German ruling families of the city renovated the building and shaped the current state.

    A postal card showing the Temple of Artemis 02_01_Cardpostal.jpg

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    Drazic district lies among the two mountain ridges, the west one part of the Dinaric Alps and the east one Mt. Zelenika. The district is famous for the Gustav Klimt Museum, an Austrian painter. Klimt is said to have spent a few months in a mansion in the district, which in the mid-twentieth century converted into the current museum.

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    Sveta Nedelja
    Sveta Nedelja is one of the oldest districts of the city. The name comes from the Sveta Nedelja (literally Holy Sunday) Church, also known as the Red Church.While eastern quarters of the district was late 19th century industrialisation quarter, the western quarters were the residences of wealthy individuals of the city.

    03_01_Sveta Nedelja.jpg

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    As citizens of Ardemića hope you had a very pleasant stay in the city, they also thank to all the modders, especially Monty, Drazic, and Gbojanic (whose buildings were very frequently used, but not appreciated by naming a district in a "Croatian" town after him).


    1. 01_11_Sveti Ivan Hospital.png
    2. 02_03_02_Neptuneplatz.jpg
    3. 02_04_St. Jelena Church and Neptune Statue.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. benhur1967
    Very good and well located in an eastern European mood! Can you tell me where I can find the church in Neptuneplatz? Many thanks
    1. BahadirB
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I am not sure where you can find the church, however, it's been a long time. I guess it was one of the default churches to be founded blueprints.
  2. nicknick
    I somehow missed that one, perhaps during summer! 5* from me. Very well thought and carefully laid out. I loved the historical part and all this has a "real" feeling. Well done!
  3. kipate
    Five stars!

    It may not be the best city that I have ever seen, but it belongs to the category of cities that are "very good" and that one enjoys looking at! And the story is nice to read.

    I like your sense for reality, keep that up. You added lots of little details to the city, and you did not just build endless residential districts, no, you placed stores here, some warehouses somewhere else, it really looks like a vibrant city people enjoy living in.

    Of course, it has its weaknesses. Ask some members here how often I told them to make smooth bridges, for example (and it is not that difficult), but I think that will come with time. And if not, I will push you^^
    1. BahadirB
      Author's Response
      Thanks! The sense for reality is the overall motivation of mine. So it's good to be appreciated by a person who is also fond of that kinda sense of reality!

      I hopefully try better smooth bridges, before being pushed :)
  4. Anonymous
    Nice town!!! :)))
    1. BahadirB
  5. Wibi
    Love the history, love the beautiful district names and beautiful city.
    1. BahadirB
  6. loren banovic
    loren banovic
    Very nice city, Try to use 2 lane roads insted of avenues in the central area of the town to make the city look more realistic.
  7. TR_DeXteR
    Çok güzel, eline sağlık. Süper bir balkan şehri olmuş, tarihi meydanlar da oldukça gerçekçi. Aynen devam! Böyle işleri Türkler de yapmaya başladığından çok gururlanıyorum umarım dahası da gelir. Tekrardan eline sağlık. :)
    1. BahadirB
      Author's Response
      Teşekkür ederim, yorumun için. Vakit olduktan sonra, herkes uğraşıp araştırıp böyle şeyler yapabilir bence. Bakalım vakit olursa devam edeceğim gibi, yeni Ada haritalı yarışmaya da bir şehir çıkarmaya çalışacağım. Tekrar teşekkürler.
  8. selodinger
    Mükemmel! Karpostal tarzı resimler, kent meydanları, gerçekten hoş, eline sağlık. Bazı kısımları bitmemiş olsa da, beğendim. Devamını bekliyoruz :)
    1. BahadirB
      Author's Response
      Thanks! The criticism that some parts are "empty" are, I believe, because of the administrative structure map. I uploaded an older "screenshot" to make the administrative districts. Alas, there are a few empty spaces to be honest.
  9. Inan
    4 stars for the nice city, +1 for the nicely edited pictures and the history and all the information around the city. Some empty space here and there, some more work with the shore maybe, but all in all it is a very good CJ. I hope for more updates and stay tuned! :-)
    1. BahadirB
      Author's Response
      Thanks Inan! Well there are a few empty spaces, but it's a matter of determination to complete the city after the PC is burning like hell. And I will pay more attention to the shoreline in the future.