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Offices Areva Tower v1.00

Tour Areva is an office skyscraper located in La Défense

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Areva Tower, modded by moi22

    For my first model, I needed a simple model for training, that's why I choose the Areva Tower, it's a very simple but nice high-rise.
    Well, it's not perfect, some textures are a bit crappy, but I promise to make something better next time. :)
    About the tower

    -- Wikipedia.

    The original model :

    Screenshots :
    435175771.png 843803952.png 843803952.png

    The Original

    Menu Location:

    A big thanks to Preyfr60 for his help and advices and Aitortilla01 for his tutorial. :)
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod
    Shader Pack for Players

Recent Reviews

  1. MauricioRP
    Version: v1.00
    crashes the game (platinum)
  2. 7r3ak
    Version: v1.00
    Don't work in Platinum.
  3. Blaiz
    Version: v1.00
    Looks like a nice mod, but crashes game.
  4. New York Warrior
    New York Warrior
    Version: v1.00
    Sadly this mod gives me a game application not working error. would love to have this building. are there any known conflicts with other mods ?
  5. gseid87
    Version: v1.00
    Its a good mod, a bit dark but pretty good at night
  6. Peter912
    Version: v1.00
    Nice, but a bit undetailed