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CJ Arosa

The Oasis in the Desert.

  1. Lord-Katania
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Arosa is a city about 600.000 located in the middle of the desert.In the south we can find more desert and in the north a river Rio Branco( 3 km of Arosa).The city was founded in 1895 when an European traveller and discoverer found gold in the Dunes of Arosa. In 1896 3000 lived already in Arosa.The grow was spectacular.The big gold reserves in the Arosian floor lasted more than 40 years.In this epoch Arosa gained 150.000 citizens.Today the district of Garnivel in the south of Arosa, it's a reminder of that time. cxl_screenshot_arosa_522.jpg
    A typical Garnivel street.
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    The water was more expensive than the gold in Arosa.Everyday more than 3000 slaves brought water from the Rio Branco to Arosa.
    But the gold finished in 1938 and many people started to abandon the city.However before the WW2 just 3 months after the reserves of gold disseapeared someone find oil in Arosa.The new boom started in just 1 month new district was in project. cxl_screenshot_arosa_466.jpg
    Paradise Avenue was the main avenue between 1938 and 1944 cxl_screenshot_arosa_469.jpg
    Old Townhall on the Paradise Avenue and at bottom The Arosian Gallery of Arts.
    In 1939 arrive to the city the spanish priest and architect Jose de Obradoiro.He ran away from the Spanish Civil War and Franco regim, cause he was the leader of the opposition against him.He wanted to relight the Christianity in the middle of the avarice of Arosa. cxl_screenshot_arosa_534.jpg Jose de Obradoiro Square and the cathedral with the same name at the bottom.
    Jose converted nearly 20.000 nomads and slaves to Christianity and gave to this people the opportunity to make a new life.In 1940 the mayor gives 25 million dollars to Jose de Obradoiro for build new homes for the homeless and poor.Jose built homes for 25.000 people.He fought against the rich which much times didn't pay to their workers in the oil rigs.In 1943 Jose designs the new Arosian Cathedral. He planned to put social lunchroom inside it, the Cathedral of The Sacred Heart of Jesus finished in just 1 year.But the 4th January of 1944 in the last try of gain territory Nazi bombarded Arosa killing 45.000 people and destroying 80% of the city and nearly the 60% of the oil rigs.The people ran away from the city.Jose de Obradoiro drowned saving a small child in a refugee boat.Today his tomb is inside the New Cathedral of Arosa. cxl_screenshot_arosa_537.jpg
    The Park and The New Cathedral in the Square of Jose de Obradoiro.
    The city was almost abandoned until 1960.In 1961 a magnate Kevin Gert rebuilds some rigs and started the oil extraction in Arosa again.In the cxl_screenshot_arosa_14.jpg Arosa in 1963.
    The economic activity starts again.However the city prefered to stop the oil extraction in 1995 and starts to build alternative energy sources and the new economy model based on industry. cxl_screenshot_arosa_518.jpg The industrial polygon viewed from Garnivel.
    Ecological Park in Downtown Arosa. cxl_screenshot_arosa_530.jpg
    View of the Downtown from The New Cathedral. cxl_screenshot_arosa_505.jpg
    Olimpic District. cxl_screenshot_arosa_237.jpg Liberty Square is the main city's square. cxl_screenshot_arosa_462.jpg City Hall Square. cxl_screenshot_arosa_478.jpg Arosa's financial district.
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    Arosa has more than 15 parks in all the city.most are located in the downtown.Here: Evolution Park.
    Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava in the District of the Union.Nearly 90% of population are Christian and 13% of all the Christians are Orthodox. cxl_screenshot_arosa_440.jpg
    The mix of oldie and new in the downtown.
    Arco de la Gloria(Glory Arch) was the entry of the old city.
    Do you want have fun?? Arosa has got many leisure places.Partyworld in the Liberty Square it's the biggest disco in the city.
    Heliport in the Paradise Urbanization. cxl_screenshot_arosa_289.jpg
    At the right bottom of the Ecological Park we can see a red building.This building is The Agora of Arosa one of the biggest shopping centres of the city and a cultural centre. cxl_screenshot_arosa_312.jpg
    Airport of Arosa.

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  1. Arosa, The New Desert Paradise

Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Il give it 3 stars. 1. Skyline its just TOOO dense/ unreal / unbalanced. 2. Remember that with pictures you can show anything you wont, so try to make real shots, dont show blank walls, bugged collisions, etc. 3. Every big city has few parts / elements / areas that are the functionally the same in every other city. Thats: PARKS ( small or big central parks / forest areas/ district parks ), BUSSINES, RESIDENTIALS, CENTAR ( commercial / bussines / residential ) SQUARES, INDUSTRIAL PARTS, PARKING LOTS, LEISSURE PARTS ( stadiums, small district playgrounds... ) CONSTRUCTION SITES ( building new areas, renovating existing areas )

    thats basics about areas, then you have street layouts : when, where to build what types of streets.

    what density and geometry of street layout to use in which area

    then you have plopables : where to use different types of trees, where to use only bushes, where to place monuments, where to place " small things " like kiosks, market place, benches, lamps, etc, etc....

    : just take your time to explore and study google maps and cities overall, and then after some time you will get hang of it.
  2. RedZone19
    I thought discos ceased to exist like 10 years ago :D Anyway, I think you can work more on landmarks. Places like Paradise Avenue, Olimpic District and Liberty Park deserved more decorating and landscaping. The shot taken in Jose de Obradoiro Square is my personal favorite from this CJ so far. Looking forward to your updates.
  3. royb 98
    royb 98
    I like the downtown and your little history part. You'll get my 5 stars if you promise to extend the old city and use non-collision buildings to get rid of the open spaces.
  4. Inan
    A rather good approach by you, i may should wait for overview and aerial pics to be able to say more about your city... Some of the streetviews are actually ok. I have a good mood, so i give u motivating 4 stars this time instead of 3.
    Looking forward to your updates
  6. kipate
    Three stars! I am missing a bit of a concept for the city. Often it feels like you just placed things next to each other without thinking too much about it.
    1. Lord-Katania
      Author's Response
      I don't understand much why u miss a concept for the city however this city as I said is unfinished and I will post more in new update soon.
  7. Monty
    Nice work, you improved it a lot. very nice pics too!