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CJ Avarice

We need greed.

  1. Atheos Lloren
    Founded by multinational corporations led by sneaky Filipino business visionaries in 1997, Avarice, was named after extreme greed for material gain by the contesting People's Republic of China, who were blindsided by their focus on the Hongkong Handover.

    In 1991, the Chinese economic awakening was already feared by her ASEAN neighbors, prompting the formation of an ASEAN business conglomerate in the hopes of subduing China's economic advance-The Giatay Holdings.

    Initially planning the construction of the world's first Aerotropolis in Fuga Island in northern Philippines, TGH's ambitions were met with hostile opposition by dim-witted Filipino politicians and overwhelming red tape and corruption leading to severe financial losses incurred by the company, and ultimately lead to the Fuga Aerotropolis' demise five years later.

    In 1997, the coinciding Hongkong Handover, Chinese land grab in the Spratly Islands, China-Taiwan tensions and the Asian Financial Crisis paved the way to the idea of forming the world's first corporate micronation, on a "land" still uncontested, unclaimed and unchartered, and fortunately overlooked by both China and the Philippines- The Benham Plateau.

    With the combined financial resources of the Dutch-experts in large scale land reclamation, the British- experts in full-line, full-service intercontinental organization, the Japanese-experts in swift construction and most proximate military ally, the South Koreans- with their global corporate expansion and the Filipinos- visionary experts in idiocratic fantasy and global manpower, the Giatay Global Gateway was born. After widespread opposition from China calling the GGG Atoll Tanlan or greed, GGG humorously incorporated the name calling, thus renaming the atoll Avarice.

    Seventeen years later, the Republic of Avarice has gained international recognition as a sovereign micro state with a bustling containerport and a 3300m runway capable of landing virtually any aircraft, finally attaining the dream of the world's first modern Aerotropolis.

    This is the most my 5 yr old pc could handle. Population 83,000 hahaha! I hope you like it.


    1. Satellite Daytime.jpg
    2. View from Touchdown.jpg
    3. Road Layout.jpg
    4. The Flip to The Northeast.jpg
    5. Center of Government.jpg
    6. Avarice Business Triangle.jpg
    7. Daytime View.jpg
    8. Nightime View.jpg
    9. Dog's Eye View.jpg
    10. Aerial View.jpg
    11. View from the West.jpg
    12. 3300 m runway.jpg
    13. Residential District.jpg
    14. port district.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    looks like a futuristic Dubai City, cool!
  2. cityguru
    Looks very nice , but i gave three stars because of: the roads there are to large for a city like this. Looks very pyongyang style. Lake of Realism. It looks to urban and no variaty of buildings. And no historically buildings. You need a lot of work , to get it right!
    1. Atheos Lloren
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating. The roads are large for function mostly for bus lanes 8 lane bus lane roads for the perimeter and 6 lane bus lane roads for the city grid, and elevated roadways are not only impractical cost wise, they can also get in the way of space efficiency in plannning the city grid and the aesthetic I was aiming for. I was aiming for realism, got the idea from my residence' proximity to an airport. As for building variety, I stuck to only using 1 residential building on a location, repetitions of building placement is for mass housing. No historical buildings, as I indicated it's only a 17 year old city. I made a lot of work on this and I'm proud I got it right. I appreciate the feedback and your need of spell check. I intend to play with your ideas in the coming updates when I get the time.