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CJ Bagua city

Bagua, Saigon

  1. nuocsuoi
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL 2009 - 2011
    Bagua was one real old citadel in the past. Like as its name, Bagua had 8 sides. However, Bagua citadel was completely collapsed by time and wars. Now, there is not any its remains.
    I am building other citadel which is relied on Bagua idea. Actually it is one city and is not the same completely .
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Recent Updates

  1. Bagua Interchanges
  2. Military Air base
  3. Polytechnic University

Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    Actually not my favourite kind of city, but for what it is it looks really nice. Very good futuristic city!
  2. Anonymous
    It's nice ..
  3. backofthegarden
    great concept! Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  4. kipate
    Good Start! I like your geometrical approach to the city, good work! Also, the core with the Buddha statue looks nice.
    On top of that, I really like your airport, the composition of buildings to create a terminal was very wise :)