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CJ Baltic City

A place where Europe, Asia and USA meets each other

  1. Fisher92
    Hello everyone,

    My city is a mix of european, american and asian cities, because I usually can't decide which one to choose :unsure:

    Anyway, bigger update will come soon, right now Im showing you few random pictures.
    Some simple gifs
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    Random shots
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    Old Gif with some photoshop
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Recent Reviews

  1. RealCity
    Well the first pic is awesome, can't wait to see more
  2. matthew94s
    Całkiem spoko. Szkoda, że nie dodałeś zdjęcia satelitarnego :D. Pozdrawiam i liczę na kolejne projekty ;).
    1. Fisher92
      Author's Response
      Och, jak dobrze widziec polska twarz :D Dzieki za opinie, te miasto juz w wiekszosci skonczone, wiec pewnie na dniach zaczne cos nowego, ale troche czasu pewnie minie nim sie tutaj ukaze :o
  3. gary
    famous World Landmark SKYLINE ... Looks good .Nice mix
  4. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    I actually like your steep San francisco/Japan street. Love the last gif with the comet too. Looks like a Canadian city to me. Great work!
  5. kipate
    So, we all know that this is not really
    a typical Baltic City, which could be compared
    to Tallinn or other cities in that region.
    Nonetheless, I like this city, you made some nice parks,
    a nice castle mountain, and the overall skyline
    looks exceptionally good, with the slight exception
    of that colossus,I don't like that, but okay, that is one minor thing.
    Sometimes, your streets are too steep, and you do not
    play with the terrain, which makes some parts of your
    city look rather unnatural.
    Still, the overall impression is that your city has
    almost anything I would have wished for,
    where can I book a ticket for a flight there :)