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CJ Bastida

My first city

  1. Mrvincie101
    Ongi etorria/Bienvenue a Bastida,

    my first city based on the french basque country :)
    still under heavy construction... :p

    tell me what you think

    Eskerrik asko/ Merci

    gamescreen0002.jpg gamescreen0005.jpg gamescreen0006.jpg gamescreen0009.jpg gamescreen0002.jpg gamescreen0005.jpg gamescreen0006.jpg gamescreen0009.jpg gamescreen0012.jpg gamescreen0013.jpg gamescreen0014.jpg gamescreen0015.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. progress

Recent Reviews

  1. verners123
    Nice!! Keep up the good work!
  2. Fjarlaegur
    Nicely done so far :D The train tracks are very interesting also. I might actually take some time to incorporate them in my city as well. Are your train tracks ploppables or actual road/things (do trains actually use the track?) Anyway, good job
    1. Mrvincie101
      Author's Response
      Ola, no the train tracks are ploppables, so trains are not driving on them.
  3. Sigfried
    Está muy bien este comienzo. Sigue desarrollando la ciudad.
    1. Mrvincie101
      Author's Response
      Gracias, pero va a tomar algún tiempo para terminarlo. :)
  4. yandzz
    Great work, very realistic.
    is that train tracks are a mod?
    1. Mrvincie101
      Author's Response
      yes its a mod, you can download