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Arts & Leisure Beijing National Aquatic Centre 1.0

Original author fayeddd

  1. fayeddd
    The Beijing National Aquatics Center (simplified Chinese: 北京国家游泳中心; traditional Chinese: 北京國家游泳中心), also officially known as the National Aquatics Center, and colloquially known as the Water Cube (Chinese: 水立方), is an aquatics center that was built alongside Beijing National Stadium in the Olympic Green for the swimming competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Despite its nickname, the building is not an actual cube, but a cuboid (a rectangular box). Ground was broken on December 24, 2003, and the Center was completed and handed over for use on January 28, 2008. Swimmers at the Water Cube broke 25 world records during the 2008 Olympics.

    After the Olympics, the building underwent a 200 million Yuan revamp to turn half of its interior into a water park. The building officially reopened on August 8, 2010.

    after saw Beijing National Stadium i tried to make another stadium which as very good as beijing national main stadium [​IMG]
    i used Second UV tutorial from Montoto for the illumination map.
    the model is from Google warehouse [​IMG]

    Real building:


    Game photos, by Miguel

    906797_10151520323565275_456063022_o.jpg 558997_4776037443516_1009964147_n.jpg 63432_4776039163559_1912342103_n.jpg 558049_4776041243611_933387537_n.jpg 5463_4776042083632_661816204_n.jpg 552955_4776038523543_1438664885_n.jpg 562050_4776037723523_1472307213_n.jpg
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    User Interface Mod
    Shader Pack

Recent Reviews

  1. Basile
    Version: 1.0
    Looks just like it; been there, sooooo crowed.