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CJ Bengavelur

City of Gardens

  1. A SenG
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Bengavelur, the capital of state of Karneketoka, in southern Aindia. The city is approx. 2300kms south of NatunaTelhy. Bengavelur is the leading centre for IT industries in Aindia. It has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade with the rise of information technology and has already become the fifth most populous metropolitan city in the country after Munbai, NatunaTelhy, Kolcutta and Chenhai.
    Today Bengavelur is a popular destination for people seeking leisure and luxury. The city has already garnered a number of nicknames like 'The Leisure Capital of Aindia' due to its abundance of quality leisure facilities, then 'The City of Gardens' due to large number of beautiful parks and gardens of different sizes throughout the city, 'The Silicon Valley of Aindia' as it is the hub of the majority of the IT industries in the nation.

    History: Legend goes where an Eleventh century king named Kempana Gevur got a dream to shift his capital to a valley full of bengur trees for better future of his subjects. The very next day he send out troops to all directions to search such a site for his new capital, finally he found such a valley which was full of Bengur trees, but he couldn't completely shift his capital instead built a mud fort there. During the colonial period, this place was selected for the construction of a cantonment to serve the military expeditions of the then rulers to southern Aindia. Today we cannot trace the Eleventh century mud fort to its fullest extent but some buildings of the colonial era still reminds us of the pre-independence era in this part of the country.

    Geography: Bengavelur is the highest major metropolis in Aindia with an average height of 858m above mean sea level. The land is more or less flat with some undulations and small hills in the north western part of the city. The area under Bengavelur Municipal Corporation is only 108sq.kms but the city is continuously growing way beyond that limit with Greater Bengavelur Development Region covers an area 585sq.kms.

    Climate: Due to its altitude, the climate is very pleasant throughout the year. Neither too hot or too cold is what makes up the climate of Bengavelur so pleasurable and energetic. The temperature ranges from 22ºC to 25ºC in summer (although the highest temperature ever recorded in Bengavelur was 35ºC on 3rd June, 1988) and 14ºC to 18ºC in winter. The rainy seasons are from June to September.

    The City: Bengavelur has been one of the most sought after cities in Aindia. The city may not be a planned one like NatunaTelhy or Milangarh but is definitely one of the best maintained and organized urban centres in the country. Bengavelur is full of cafes, clubs, pubs, parks, gardens, theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, multiplexes, large shopping malls, amusement facilities, etc. all supported by wonderful climate throghout the year makes Bengavelur a hustling and bustling modern metropolis. Like any other city of a developing nation, Bengavelur also faces tremendous pressure from rising traffic, evergrowing population, pollution, congestion, slums, etc. Despite rising urban problems, Bengavelur has been successful in becoming one of the most attractive city in southern Aindia.

    Bengavelur at a glance:
    Some pictures of the city are attached below.

    Kempana Square gamescreen0386.jpg

    Residents of a dense locality in central Bengavelur gamescreen0412.jpg

    The Tax office from Thurupuram Monorail Station gamescreen0500.jpg

    Sri Kartikey Maidan, an open ground in Kartikeynagara, central Bengavelur gamescreen0506.jpg

    The entrance monument of Lake Park gamescreen0538.jpg

    The Central Lake, Bengavelur gamescreen0482.jpg

    The North Road around Bible Grounds gamescreen0421.jpg
    The roads around Central Lake
    gamescreen0569.jpg gamescreen0565.jpg

    The Bible Grounds, Jesus Town, Bengavelur

    The Old Church (1852), with climbing trees....

    North City Lake on the left

    The Vidhan Bhawan, Secretariat of the state of Karneketoka.

    Pakiza Mosque, largest in southern Aindia

    The Bengavelur Tech Park (The Information Technology Hub)
    As seen from Trembo Hotel, south of Bengavelur Tech Park

    Some other views of Bengavelur
    gamescreen0581.jpg gamescreen0585.jpg gamescreen0587.jpg gamescreen0589.jpg tech park.jpg gamescreen0406.jpg gamescreen0545.jpg

    More views on the following update.


    1. gamescreen0548.jpg
    2. gamescreen0572.jpg
    3. gamescreen0436.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Good aerial view and basic stuff. To make yours city more real you need to put less greenery. Especially near roads where some bushes are on the sidewalks.
    Keep it up :)
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your valuable review, actually, only the roads around the central lake park and some other parks in the city are dotted and lined with greenery, thats why Bengavelurians like to drive on those particular roads :-)
  2. selodinger
    This city so exotic,man! Keep it up!
    1. A SenG
  3. kipate
    Nice city! Very cool gardens, and wise compositiokn of buildings!
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thank you :-)
    So realistic ! The layout of traffic and those original buildings
    that you choose ...i cant wait for more of your updates about this city!
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your compliments, gives a lot of energy to build more like that, the credit goes to the wonderful modders here. I'm still building the city and its periphery, will update it soon. :-)