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CJ Biggest City

World most populated city.

  1. vallamir
    Biggest City. For those who remember this city, the few lines below can be borring.

    Biggest City is a city built in 2010, and it continue today. So the city as almost 5 years. Biggest City was present in video. The first seven video were about the centrale district. It shows how I establish a record of population on Cities XL 2009. Indeed the city as about 92 Million people on only one map ! If you want to view this record watch the episode below (in french sorry).

    Then I decided to extend the city on several maps. I made three other districts : The West District (port), the north District (rail station), and the South-East district (Airport). All of these three district were also presented in video in the second season of Biggest City (the first was about the central district).

    Since 2012, the third season is under production. For the moment there are only three episode. two about the different districts and one about a new district : the South-West District.

    If I sum up, Biggest City it's :
    - 7 video in english (21 in french)
    - 9 district plannified, 1 finished, 4 under building
    - One district with 92 Million inhabitants
    - About 100 Million inhabitant in the all city (for the moment)
    - about 100 000 view on Youtube
    - ....

    I've translated some episode of the season 2 and one of the season 3.
    Here is the seven video in english !!

    Ep 19 - S3x1 - Back in the past

    Trailer Season 3

    Ep 15 - S2x7 - The airport

    Ep 14 - S2x6 - The north district

    Ep 11 - S2x3 - The south-east district

    Ep 10 - S2x2 - The north-district

    Ep 9 - S2x1 - The West-district (most viewed episode : ~40000 view)

    Trailer S2

    Soon I will try to translate the episode 2 of the season 3 ;)
    stay online !
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Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Massive amount of effort put into that city and all the surrounding areas!
    Of course, I belong to the people who dislike such huge cities, I merely see that city as an experiment or as your vision of what could happen in an dystopian world! :)
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      Yes thats exactly what I think too. Thanks !