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CJ Boulogne

City of dreams and hope

  1. Dorvalla
    The idea is to build a center downtown, surrounded by farmlands and small residental sites. Sadly you cant name them yet, but i ll find maybe a moment to name same items on the pictures i put up in my journal.

    Boulogne is a city I envisioned as my first long term project. Most cities I started I gave up on quickly, due to the lack of challenge. (i always started with expert mode on). For once, I turned it off and wanted it to develop it the natural way. It can make the city much more unpredictable.

    The first area I developed was Saint-Isaac. it's placed near the border of the town with a few direct links to it's industry. With in mind I ll build freeways later on, I decided to leave some areas open yet to place them.

    The farm lands draw along the mountain chain, creating a natural border between the still empty downtown, the seaside holiday area (which will developped as downtown will develop) and the south side open lands. I most likely will leave everything on top of the mountains clean, and wont build up there.

    For now, most is all medium residental, with a few exceptions in the direction of downtown. A low residental area will later on be placed, mainly for executives and elites.


    View on saint-isaac, the eastern residental area. Seperated sites of low skilled and skilled residents. This was the first area i developed with in the middle an office-strip.


    roadmap of Boulogne (20-3-2015)

    Aimed downtown, where the first flats are starting to rise. The natural barrier of farmland is keeping downtown and the small villages arround boulogne seperated, but becoming later part of the big picture.

    Work in Progress.
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Recent Reviews

  1. vallamir
    There are always the same building .. maybe it's what you want to do but it's not really beautiful..
  2. griffin
    its ok. i dont like writing negative comments, but you should have a downtown before you post something. i am not a fan of all the apartments that are exactly the same.
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    The city is coming along well enough. You really repeated yourself in the apartment area-try to use different apartments every few blocks-unless you like them being the same-I understand that. Please do not respond to this review. I will probably change it after an update or two.