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CJ Bowie Regional Municipality

realistic, Halifax

  1. iamcatdog
    Welcome to Bowie Regional Municipality formally know as just "Bowie".
    This is a city I have been working on for some time now and is loosely based on modern day Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am well aware that it is not exact in fact I meant for it to be completely different just the same idea.
    It is currently under construction and has a a lot of issues but it's looking all right.
    Under the main Bridge^
    Frontal view of the water front^
    aerial view at night^
    Suburbs -_-^
    Big view^
    Big view @ night^
    More Suburbs^

    Any tips are welcome of course thanks! Cheers From Canada!
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Recent Reviews

  1. pingyao
    You definetely have a Halifax kinda vibe. The map good for achieving this, but I'd try and develop your RHM more, also Halifax is a fairly heavily industrialised town with refineary, oil storage depots if I remember, plus a deep sea port I.ecbig harbour, so maybe you could push this more?
    1. iamcatdog
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! I'l make sure to definitely add in some industry.
  2. kipate
    Nice city!
    I enjoyed viewing it!
    You are giving a realistical impression
    of a Northen American City/Metropolitan Area!
    At some points, you could refine your city, though,
    e.g. regarding the slope of the bridge, or refine the water fronts
    by using some promenades or some promenade streets,
    e.g. by using some of PaulJChris' Marina Mods.
    1. iamcatdog
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the tips thanks for the rating! I'm going to check out those marina mods.