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CJ Briēnu

Another small town from me. CXL 2011

  1. raulv87
    Hi! Another project from me: Briēnu. I'm trying to create a bunch of cities, that would make up a whole country named Regrana. All my cities so far are a part of it.



    Briēnu is a town in Selioarkesson, the state of Regrana, in the district of Jerbinīte. With 127 000 inhabitants it's the 10th largest city in Regrana and the 3rd in the district of Jerbinīte after Jerbīna and Marletanska.

    Location of Briēnu in Regrana.

    Briēnu is a relatively new city, founded in the beginning of 20th century. The city is located in the southern part of Regrana, on the ocean shore, having a stabile climate. It rarely snows in Briēnu and there is no significant variation in the lenght of day throughout the year. River Brienājen splits the city into two parts.


    The transportation system of Briēnu.

    The state highway 4 (Jerbīna-Piltene, orange on the map) is surrounding the city. It's about 230 km from Briēnu to Jerbīna, 350 km to Piltene and 300 km to the state capital Dāgren. There is an airport just near the city center with regular flights to Dāgren and Jerbīna. Briēnu has two harbours: the larger one is for passengers and the smaller for freight. The city has a railway station. There are 5 bus lines in Briēnu, connecting airport, railway station and passanger harbour. I started building a walkway/cycle path network in the western part of the city (light green). Maybe I'll expand it some day.

    Passenger harbour

    A perfect piece of land for the airport

    Raiway station

    Waiting platforms and a girl posing for the pic

    Small harbour

    Bus lines

    Street layout

    Briēnu's industry is oriented to agriculture and manufacturing. There are 40% unskilled, 37% skilled workers, 16% executives and 5% elites with satisfaction rates of 86, 80, 79 and 75.

    Pictures from the city center:




    The central promenade

    Overview pictures and pictures from other parts of the city:


    From the eastern side of the river


    A pond surrounded by appartment complexes

    A bridge over the river

    The western side of the city

    Thanks for watching!
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Recent Reviews

  1. dlimpens
    Very good beginning, nice start, like the railway..
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It's my first city with railway :)
  2. ryankoo
    Good idea the airport but it will be better you use the airport mods and make your own airport, IMO i do not like the default airport from cities xl.
    Second point, the city look a little bit "sad", i think you should build some decoration to make the city more colorful.
    But anyway, the city look good, i give you 4 stars
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thank you :). My next step probably is upgrading to CXXL before I even start any new cities and then I'll definately try airport and harbour mods + get some better plazas, promenades, bridges etc.
  3. kipate
    4 stars! I was unsure whether I should give you 3 or 4 stars, though:
    You have some nice ideas, e.g. that little airport
    on the peninsula, and I do like your CBD a lot!
    The railway through the suburbs looks quite good,
    though I would probably recommend the use
    of either some road bridges, or some railway brdiges,
    to avoid those intersections:
    The promenade was done quite properly, good job!
    Again, I do miss some more detail, e.g. some more decoration
    and more care for the airport and the port areas;
    e.g. some more warehouses next to the port, some
    decorative oil bins, and so on.
    Maybe you would like to have a look at the CJs of facaden,
    Malbourne and Rozenburg, or the ones of Inan, especially
    Bay City, they both show that you can decorate your port areas
    and make them quickly look very realistic!
    I do also respect that you run CXL 2011, though!
    Maybe changing to Platinum or XXL was better?
    Or is your laptop/PC the problem?
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks for a good rating. And thanks for the railroad bridge tip. With details: I tried to get some mods for decorationg my cities, incl.some warehouses, that would have perfectly fitted to the port area, but apparently they don't work in 2011 version. I have a 4 year-old laptop and when I bought it, I didn't have in mind, that I need it for computer games. So, the performance is quite bad. I might upgrade to CXXL some day to see if it runs better (I understand, that it uses multiple cores).
  4. d.r.e.y
    120 mil nossa bem pequena . esta ficando legal vejo futuro nessa cidade . você precisa utilizar melhor as arias vazias precisa de um preenchimento nas arias da costa para melhor visual . eu to finalizando minha cidade ela já esta com três milhões e setecentos habitantes eu gostei da ideia de criar cidades de um pais eu também vou fazer isso mais só depois de criar historias que diferencie cada cidade
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks to google translate I can understand, what you are saying in general :). Well. I checked few of your city journals and we indeed have totally different styles. I like to keep my skylines minimalistic and I believe, that the size of the city isn't too importaint. 127 000 is a decent city in the corner of the world, where I come from (Baltics/Nordics). Yes, I have some empty areas, because my computer is nearly crashing, when I open this city and it can't handle expanding the city. But I'm OK with the city as it is. I'm also not into generating historic stories. I mainly like to create transportation networks and general looks of the city instead.