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CJ burokay

Modern asian city

  1. toop
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Welcome to burokay, this modern city. Constructed in 1457 has 9,890,000 inhabitants it was known for having beautiful landscapes of the mountains that the a fence in addition you traveler can choose several destinations squares parks shopping theater and all type of shop, the pier and also a Great destination. History of the city in 1457 the capital Subaumi had to create another city that can be added great works the president chose that small village near or sea. Became burokay a technological city


    1. gamescreen0002.jpg
    2. gamescreen0010.jpg
    3. gamescreen0011.jpg
    4. gamescreen0014.jpg
    5. gamescreen0016.jpg
    6. gamescreen0312-01.jpeg
    7. 2017-05-24-19-07-54-277.jpg
    8. gamescreen0032-01.jpeg

Recent Reviews

  1. Audxious
    a bit like aukland?
  2. kipate
    Well done! I like the skyline and the elevated highway, good job on that! But try to use more mods, we have some more Asian residential mods around, most of them can be used together with the fix by Monty. Right now, the city onky superficially reflects a real Asian city. But with more mods, you could e.g. recreate Chinese/ Japanese gardens, realistic residentials complxes, and so on ;)
  3. PaulHudson
    Great job. like real west city