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Transportation Bus Lane Roads v1.20

Adds bus lanes to many roads in your city by Gregonos

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hi, guys,

    I am pleased to share with you my first mod, the Bus Lane Roads. It brings some 6/8-lane expressways and boulevards with dedicated bus lane, as well as some new expressway/boulevard without bus lanes.

    With the update of v1.2, it provides two sets of US road textures: dark asphalt and light grey concrete, to work with your choice of CWM.

    New Expressways / Boulevards
    pic_new_roads_lt.jpg pic_new_roads.jpg

    At first, it adds following 5 new expressways/boulevards to the game:
    • 8-Lane Expressway
    • 8-Lane Boulevard
    • GenuisXL 6-Lane Boulevard
    • 6-Lane Expressway
    • 6-Lane Boulevard
    8-Lane Expressway, 6-Lane Expressway and GenuisXL 6-Lane Boulevard were originally made by Pharmist. I didn't include them in my patch but just remade the textures with correct normal map (;)), adjusted a bit the pavement texture and changed the trees. So you need Pharmist's 6-lane and 8-lane road as dependency.

    All these roads are enabled with bus lines and bus stops.

    Bus Lane Roads
    pic_new_busroads_lt.jpg pic_new_busroads.jpg

    For each expressway/boulevard above, I made a bus lane version. The most outer lane is bus dedicated (other vehicles cannot enter) while the other lanes are for any other vehicles but bus. By this way, normally there should be no congestion for bus, unless you have too many buses...

    Besides, I made following bus lane boulevards based on Uokiok's 60m Boulevards. (I just like them too much...)
    pic_60m_boulevards_lt.jpg pic_60m_boulevards.jpg
    • 60M Boulevards with palm trees
    • 60M Boulevards with California Bulkeye
    • 60M Boulevards with no trees
    You may find only the second version in the menu, the others can be found in the upgrade panel, so you can switch them.

    These bus lane roads can be found in the menu as following:

    See below how buses and other vehicles go in their own lanes:
    pic_scene_1.jpg pic_scene_2.jpg


    Almost all the normal roads and bus lane roads above have their bridges. See in the pic below.


    Note that the 8-Lane Boulevard (Normal version and Bus Lane version) don't have bridges yet. It could function but I have not done them nicely. I might update in next version.

    I tried to put the Bus Lane Road bridges into the bus-road-bridge menu. In fact I made it but unfortunately they cannot be connected with the bus lane roads. The game says "Invalid junction". However they can be connected correctly if I put them in the normal road bridge menu. There might be something to do with the custom tags but I didn't figure out how they work with BusLine and BusLineBridge. I have raised a question in the community but got no answer yet. Hope I could fix it later. So... for now, you may find the bridge as below:


    To make it easier to find them, I have added a small bus icon in the corner.


    I have remade the texture of r_wy_usaroad_21x40x40.sgbin and r_wy_usaroad_15x40x40.sgbin. Some other mods (CWM / Dark US Road Texture) have done them but the normal map does not look right. The bump area does not match the white/yellow lines if you watch carefully.

    Known Issues

    Normally this mod works fine with CWM v1.1 and Dark US Road Texture, and, it does not need them as dependencies. However, it you do have them:
    • If you have Dark US road Texture, the road texture fix from my patch may not work. Somehow it overrides mine in the game. However, as recommended by the author in CWM, you may not need it and CWM is just enough.
    • If you have CWM, there's a very small chance that its road textures load after mine, so that all the 6-lane roads from my patch will have a light color. I have still not figured out how to ensure the loading order, but if it happens, just reload the game and usually it will display correctly. It is very important that you select the same texture file (see below) as your CWM mod, otherwise the road texture will be a mess.
    It supports ONLY US Road at the moment.

    If your game is in French language, the game will crash on loading, due to an encoding issue of the French locale file. It is fixed in v1.1.

    Next Step
    • Find proper bridges for 8-Lane Boulevard
    • Light grey concrete texture (Done in v1.2)
    • Support road texture for German, French, UK and default roads
    • Tell me what you expect...

    Change Logs
    • V1.2 - Added Light grey concrete texture choice for US road
    • V1.1 - Fix the French locale file issue so that it won't crash the game on loading.
    • V1.0 - First release


    As mentioned above, this mod needs the following mods as dependencies:
    • The Latest XL Nation User Interface Mod
    • 8-Lane Road v3.50 / 6-Lane Road v3.50 by Pharmist
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge and 60m Blvd by uokiok

    Install the Right Files from the download!

    You will need ZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_Core_v1.2.patch for either road color style. And then choose ONLY ONE from following:
    • ZZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_US_Dark_v1.2.patch (for Dark Asphalt texture)
    • ZZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_US_Light_v1.2.patch (for Light Grey Concrete texture)
    It is very IMPORTANT that you choose the same road texture as your CWM mod, otherwise the road texture will be messed up.

    If you have older versions (v1.0, v1.1), please delete the old files before placing the new version into your Pak folder. Different versions CANNOT work together.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod
    8-Lane Road v3.50 / 6-Lane Road v3.50 by Pharmist
    Sydney Harbour Bridge and 60m Blvd by uokiok

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.20
    This mod is great and I've had this mod in the past and worked fine, but this time the streetlights won't show up. Are there any dependencies that I need to download to work properly?
  2. Maffiossi
    Version: v1.20
    wher can i find the 8-Lane Road v3.50 / 6-Lane Road v3.50 by Pharmist?
    searched for it but i cant find it
    could you give me a link to this?
  3. Handsprime
    Version: v1.20
    Such an awesome addition, though if possible, could you try and make 2 lane bus roads where only buses can drive on them. It's similar to the Tram only roads in the NEXL
  4. snick
    Version: v1.20
    A great and functional add on, this will certainly help with traffic. ;)
  5. gseid87
    Version: v1.20
  6. Mr.X²
    Version: v1.20
    a great addition