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General Camera Mod with missing shadow fixed 2014-10-25

A camera mod, with no shadow missing issue

  1. RealCity
    The camera view mod on XLN has a small issue. When looking from certain angles, part of the shadows of the city will disappear. I dn't know if you guys have noticed it. But I found it really annoying.

    This is a camera mod with correct shadows processing.

    PS: I'm not the original author and can't find the origin author for this mod. The mod was downloaded very long time ago.

    About those Questions asked in discussion:

    The file was there in my old backup folder, with a name that has been changed by me very long time ago.
    So if you have a camera mod with correct shadow processing, you dn't need to download this one. Maybe we have the same file.
    I uploaded the mod just for those who downloaded The Camera Mod on new XLN site and found shadows disappearing on certain angles.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Put the .patch file in ...../Cities XL 2012/Paks

Recent Reviews

  1. facaden
    Version: 2014-10-25
    The camera missing shadow issue began to appear when my cities grew very large, not on small cities. This mod solved it, and I had to remove the old one, DsR_mod_kamera_patch_002, for it to work. Awesome fix
  2. jkjkqqqqqq
    Version: 2014-10-25
    do i have to remove the incorrect version?maybe i can't find it
    1. RealCity
      Author's Response
      Yes. U need to delete the incorrect version. Search the filename in your paks folder.
  3. gbojanic
    Version: 2014-10-25
    Wonderful. That shadow issue was a real pain in the a$$. Great mod!
  4. Spock
    Version: 2014-10-25
    very good work to finding it. i hate that disappear shadow issue
  5. Monty
    Version: 2014-10-25
    Thank you, that shadow bug was driving me crazy!
    1. RealCity
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I always love your brilliant mods.