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Transportation Cargo Planes Vol 1 1.0

Eano Industries presents the second in the aviation series, the hard working Cargo Planes!!

  1. eano
    Game Version:
    Geographical Tag:
    • North America
    Common Era Tag:
    • 1950 to 2000
    Architectural Style Tag:
    • Modern
    I can't find a reference to the original CXL mod author's name. If anyone knows, tell me so I can add it to the description...

    This mod has been updated for Cities XXL by kihapdesign (added filter tags). If I've made any mistakes, let me know!

    Original Description:

    Logistical Air Support :):):)

    Eano Industries presents the second in the aviation series, the hard working Cargo Planes!!
    This is the second compliment to Aitortilla’s brilliant Modular Airport Pack.

    This pack contains 28 planes (pushing me pass 100 models released on XLEX!). These planes are the freight versions of the common airliners, the MD-11 being the oldest. The pack features the shiny new super extended 747-8F, only 20 have been made so far! The last plane is the 777F, introduce to replace/compete with the MD-11. Most of the major shipping companies are covered with these three, I do hope they bring joy to your cities!

    The plane are around 500kb or lower and have LOD's to make things smoother!

    Spoiler: Screen Shots

    Please make sure you have installed version 1.78.4 of the UIM or later. The update added upgrade tabs, you will not see the mod in the UI without it! You do not need to have Aitortilla's mod installed to use this, although I would highly recommend it for planning's sake!

    The airplanes live under the TRANSPORTATION > AIRPORT > CUSTOM CONTENT menu, which requires the latest UIM.
    To access the different liveries, first place the plane type, then go to the upgrade tabs to see the different liveries. Easy!

    There are three aircraft types with the following liveries –

    Boeing 777F
    Air France Cargo
    China Eastern
    China Southern Cargo
    Qatar Airways
    Southern (DHL)
    McDonald Douglas MD-11
    Ethiopian Airways
    EVA Cargo
    Lufthansa Cargo
    Martin Air
    Saudi Arabian Cargo
    Shanghai Airways
    Boeing 747-8F
    British Airways World Cargo
    Cathay Pacific Cargo
    Iraqi Airways
    Korean Air Cargo
    Swiss Air Cargo
    Enjoy!! :):):)

    Fixed upgrade error in class file with the Ethiopian Airways MD-11, was showing icon and upgrading as Swiss 747-8F. Delete old version, install new, won't mess up your cities! :whistle:

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  1. royb 98
    royb 98
    Version: 1.0
    Mod number one for any airport!