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CJ Central County

We Are Euprmorix's Breadbasket!

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Before you read about one of Euprmorix's most productive counties, here is some quick information about the nation itself.
    Population: 3,947,688,723
    GDP: ~135,000,000,000,000
    GDP (per capita): 131,820
    Wealth Distribution Ratio: 40.6:1
    Capital City: Ottawa and Roanoke (both)
    Largest City: Benson (8,491,079)
    Leading Industries: Information Technology, Agricultural, Manufacturing (particularly automobile, lumber, and weaponry), Tourism, Mining/Refining, Fishing, Retail

    Euprmorix's Flag
    The red top represents Euprmorix's confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and most of all-military strength. If it were not for Euprmorix's world-renowned military, then Euprmorix would be nothing more than a cluster freak of undeveloped excuses for nations.

    The star represents Euprmorix rising above all other nations on Bexurad. Euprmorix went from a village surrounded by many undeveloped nations to the best of the best.

    The blue represents Euprmorix's devout faithfulness. In Euprmorix, there are many churches, and atheism is unheard of.

    The yellow bottom represents a golden age in Euprmorix. Euprmorix has been blooming in many ways since it's founding many years ago, but gets better every day.

    During the expansion of Euprmorix's capital cities, Ottawa and Roanoke, and largest city, Benson, many smaller towns between the two areas became suburbs of one of the cities. Today, the cities are about one hundred and twenty (120) miles away from eachother, and there are few incorporated towns located right in between the cities. The two incorporated towns in Central county are some of the exceptions.

    Dumbarton, the county seat and largest city, has a population of about 22,349, and is rapidly growing. The village of Forgotonia (formerly Foundonia), the smaller, more rural town, has a population of 1,153, down from it's peak of 1,938 citizens. One thousand and forty-three (1,043) citizens live in rural/ unincorporated areas.

    Why is the Zymn River So Low?
    When workers finished digging the Rage Canal, a feeder canal from the Zymn River was also dug, causing the (once) deepest river on Planet Bexurad to lose much of it's depth. A large trade depot was going to be placed near-to Forgotonia (literally named Foundonia at the time), but plans were canceled due to the river's great loss of depth. The river is still very deep (much deeper than it looks), but is not the deepest on Bexurad anymore, and is not nearly as clean as the pre-canal days.
    cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_54.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_53.jpg
    The Feeder canal is located about 20 miles northwest of this map. Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried taking a full-map picture, but I did it wrong. I promise to post one on the next update.

    Due to the Marssys oil company being so close to Dumbarton, many of the executives live in town-not the Marssys village.
    cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_48.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_3.jpg

    Dumbarton residents did not want to worry about being a dual-county city, so much of town was built up on both sides of Federal Highway 54.
    cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_20.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_18.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_0.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_1.jpg

    Forgotonia is a very stereotypical rural community in Euprmorixian standards. There are around 1,000 people, enough stores to support 3,500 people, and a few nearby factories. Most Forgotonians, though, are farmers.
    Forgotonia is a nice, but small town.
    cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_58.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_60.jpg

    Despite having 1,153 people, Forgotonia has a high school and an elementary/junior high school. Then again, Forgotonia serves numerous rural families. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_30.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_31.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_32.jpg

    Forgotonia has a nice-sized business district. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_39.jpg cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_47.jpg

    Rural Areas/Unincorporated Communities
    Marssys Oil Company
    The Marssys Oil Company was founded before Forgotonia (then Foundonia). Today, many people from across Central County, Ottawa-Roanoke, Benson, and many other areas commute to Marssys. The Marssys Oil Company drills and refines oil, and also researches Synthetic Gasoline.
    In the next update, I will provide a better picture.

    Skullz613 Nuclear Generating Station/Cherry Noble Village
    From Dumbarton, the cooling towers of the Skullz613 Nuclear Generating station are visible. From the fields north of town...

    Welcome to Cherry Noble! Do not drink the water, and please avoid eye contact with mutated animals. We are not responsible for spontaneous limb growth or cancer.

    The Plant Workers have been given some nice homes.

    Since when is plant security not tight?

    Oak Hill

    Oak Hill is not a very big community, but is very scenic.

    From this 4-lane highway, Oak Hill is partially visible.
    I am sorry for only posting one picture of oak hill. The area is still being built.


    Here is a tiny village near-to the Skullz613 Generating station.

    Located north of Forgotonia, this village is often overlooked. HHHMMPH! I WONDER WHY!
    Here are some peaceful farm houses RIGHT BY the train tracks. Who needs a rooster in these houses?



    There is a smaller housing development south of Dumbarton. The village houses almost one hundred people, a gas station, a small warehouse, a church, an elementary school, and no name!

    From Federal Highway 54, the Nuke Plant is very visible, and makes for a great photo-op.
    cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_11 (2).jpg

    In Central County, there are many rural subdivisions.




    A Full-map will be added soon, and many more updates are going to be posted throughout the week, along with more stories.


    1. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_28.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_29.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_51.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_55.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_59.jpg
    6. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_50.jpg
    7. cxl_screenshot_dumbarton_48.jpg
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    very basic city and simple layout. Fit in some more building - be creative..
    1. Steven H. Endermann
      Author's Response
      This CJ is almost a year old! I haven't had this city since May! I'm surprised you found it. My new equivalent to this city is A LOT better. If I ever get around to putting it into city journal format, then I'll send you a message.
  2. Ze_Doc
    you say"I tried taking a full-map picture, but I did it wrong. I promise to post one on the next update."
    just press ctrl+F11 and that will take a satelite pic of your city
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    looks pretty basic,and the pictures are taken in low quality graphic too.
    no shadowing and stuff,some building looks like cities skyline building :/
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    лютая хуйня. просто ад
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      Author's Response
      Be a man and back up your comment. Tell me how my city is "fierce garbage." How is it "just hell?"
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    Put in more mods..
    1. Steven H. Endermann
      Author's Response
      MORE Mods?! My computer has so many mods! I am running out of room!