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Maps Changsha长沙 1.0


Recent Reviews

  1. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    Version: 1.0
    I am building on your Dalian map now, its Fosstul CJ. I love this map, I almost taught English in Changsha last year. Still kicking myself for not doing it.
    1. moran
      Author's Response
      I am looking forward to your CJ and welcome to china.sorry for my english.
  2. wenxu
    Version: 1.0
    This is my hometown!And I am here now.
  3. MuxLee
    Version: 1.0
    great map ,
  4. snick
    Version: 1.0
    I can imagine some very interesting waterfronts with these rivers. Great map!
  5. lguzman2011
    Version: 1.0
    You always show great skills when it comes to your many maps! Thank you
  6. kipate
    Version: 1.0
    Great Map! China got some nice palces to live in,
    hopefully one day there will be a chinese city in an area
    like this to be considered as the most liveable place on earth!