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CJ Choctaw

Enjoy the good life on the Coastal Mountains

  1. veija2
    Choctaw is coming over from the old XLN, along with a few images not in the original cj.


    About the city:
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    Arriving by plane?
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    6 neighborhoodsA.jpg
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    Ports, parks and more neighborhoods coming soon.
    Toy bulldozer: Chuy, DisneyCARStoys

    Indian maiden: ChotawBelle, Phillip Romer, l830
    Pottery: Stone Duck Bowl, circa 1240 AD, Smithsonian

Recent Reviews

  1. Jotaere
    The story of the foundation of your city is really something... I loved it!
    And, off course, the city is amazing!
    1. veija2
      Author's Response
      Thank you Jotaere. I know you will do amazing things with Gran Diosa in the Bootleg River contest.
  2. yandzz
    very good presentation
    1. veija2
      Author's Response
      Thanks much.
  3. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    I would not be having a fun time if I was flying in the 4 th plane pic! Agh my face is on the window! Haha. Nice use of photoshop though. Your city is huge! Can't wait to see more detailed pics, maybe throw some satellite images in there? Traffic? Seems likes a great city project.
    1. veija2
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. I'm glad you like the editing... I saved that particular airplane seat just for you, you know. :}
  4. Peter912
    Such an awesome CJ veija! A very nice story, i like the city too and good pictures! 5 Stars of course!
    1. veija2
      Author's Response
      Very glad you like it; thanks.
  5. kipate
    Why have I never seen this CJ on old XLN?
    I must have been blindfolded...
    This is very good!
    Terrific presentation and story, fantastic
    skyline, nice play with old and modern looking buildings,
    this is all I need to say about this CJ.
    I just hope to see some more views, like
    some special close ups, or
    some low angle shots with the skyscrapers or
    1. veija2
      Author's Response
      Thanks, kipate. Don't know why you missed it. There are more photos coming, with some pretty nice low angle shots, etc. I'm touching up the editing as I go, but will have some more pics soon.