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CJ Chongqing (Chungking)

Chongqing city,which is built along the mountains,was the wartime capital of China.

  1. d.r.e.y
    linda cidade .onde tem o mod do prédio com formas triangulares azul e branco
  2. Artmaster
    Just ridiculous. ;)
  3. Anonymous
    5 stars indeed the way of the city was made!!! However there is one little thing that you broked a star. Thats the cities xl pictures and real life pictures are mixed and sometimes can't see the difference between it. Thats sometimes a bit annoying. So realistic is this city in Cities XL!!! +1 for this work.
  4. Anonymous
    Fabulous traffic system.You did really great job mixing the RHM with those streets.And the whole road system and the hills are just blended together,making the city so natural!
  5. nicknick
    Astonishing. Simply astonishing.
    The whole concept of the Journal, putting aside real and game pictures, blending the line between reality and virtuality makes this one of the most memorable, original and best Journals.

    Easy peasy to give it a 5* without any second thoughts.
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot...
      I built this city and this CJ just wanted to recreate the city,not only the good things but alos every bad side.Things might be not so beautiful but well imitated.So I thought it was quite necessary to arrange the real pictures aside;)
  6. heonetsung
    An amazing city if you see how people manage to get so crowded on the hills!!! And it takes an insane mayor to build it here, too :P
  7. Skytopjf
    Great city, love how realistic it looks. Is the shader a new cities xxl one, or photo shop?
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
  8. Inan
    Actually Chongqing is not a paradise in reality maybe, but you managed to create an outstanding remake. It is very hard to copy real cities, very good work. I espacially like the picture of real Chongqing with the in game overlay :-)
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      thanks...Chongqing is not a paradise at all with all the mountainous and high density residence.I tried to recreate the old part of the city but,actually,I failed.Because there is seldom aged or dilapidated buildings in CXL.Some how,it's just a pity:)
  9. chupobumbo
    Standing ovation
  10. IcyHot
    Fantastic City, a rare 5 stars from me
  11. Drazicdesign
    Quite my congratulations for this unique realization!
    The work of representation is extraordinary and shows well the style of the city!
    Really I insist on the excellent realization, What you made and masterful!
    Bravo! I hope to see of other project of you.
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it haha.Actually I had several cities before this to test how to biuld a mountainous city.But this one is the very first one to post at this new site since last September:)
  12. Abbittibbi
    This is an excellent reproduction, very hard work behind this city. You are a great builder, keep it up. Loved the roads and the overall city. City details and arrangements are stunning. Images are of very good quality with excellent angles and light. Thank you.
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot.It's hard to screenshot because the game would crash at anytime with too many mods.Anyway I'm very glad you like it.
  13. Kitsunebi
    Whao~~~ I love what you've done here! The road network with all the weird highway connections is really great! And where did you get the map? Did you make it yourself???

    There's only one little thing missing ;) see discussion...
  14. XOUSTE
    Good to see you post your CJ here!
    You can upload your pics here,anyway,i can see those photos Immediately because i come from China too~
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      哈哈 其实后来我找到哪儿传附件了
  15. chenchuan
    Finally,your beautiful city Chongqing is here! You did the good job that probably nobody done it before!Exactly,I love your construction style especially the ramp and city network.Congratulations dude!
  16. 33285456
    Excellent city I love it !!!!!!!
  17. kipate
    Really a very good recreation of Downtown Chongqing!
    I like that extensive highway network a lot. And also, you an
    eye for the details, very good!
    At some parts, I would probably have used other bridges, though,
    but that is just a minor point.
    Keep up the good work!
    One thing, though:
    Maybe you can upload the images by anothet host programme?
    It takes a long time until the images show up...
    1. Ryan_cat
      Author's Response
      aha, wheres your location? actually i searched many posts here and finding many guys are using this img host ,then i chose this ,haha. becauze i dont know which is good , u know,net work in China is alway strange due to the Wall