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Transportation Cities XL Road Widening Mod (CWM) 1.1

This Mod will add many new roads to the games, including grassy medians.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: pcwhiz24 is the original author of this mod.
    Unfortunately all the pics are missing.

    It's finally here! [​IMG]
    *Update* Version: 1.1 Fixes:
    *AVE-2 Crash when intersecting with grassy road
    *AVE-2 Crash when creating two intersections close apart (fixed crossboth.layout)
    This Mod adds several new roads to the US roads in the game, and a feature that was never added, which includes grass in the median of the avenues.
    The following roads are included:

    Turning Lane Avenues:
    -Turning lane Avenue with 7 lanes (TLA-7)
    -Turning lane Avenue with 5 lanes (TLA-5)
    -Turning lane Avenue with 3 lanes (TLA-3)
    Grassy Median Avenues:
    -6 Lane Avenue with Grassy Median (AVE-6) (With regular trees or palm trees in median) (Dark and Light Asphalt upgradable)
    -4 Lane Avenue with Grassy Median (AVE-4-W)(Upgradable to AVE-6 or expressway (Narrow version coming in later version)) (Dark and Light Asphalt upgradable)
    -2 Lane Avenue with Grassy Median (AVE-2)
    Pavement Median Avenues:
    -6 Lane Avenue with Pavement Median (AVE-6)
    -4 Lane Avenue with Pavement Median (AVE-4) (Didn't make this one, this is just the default ingame one)
    -2 Lane Avenue with Pavement Median (AVE-2)
    Extra Networks:
    -Wide Uptown Avenue with 6 lanes (AVE-6-W) (Upgradable from 4-lane)
    - Rural 4 lane Avenue (AVE-4-R)
    - Rural 6 lane Avenue (AVE-6-R) (Can be changed into AVE-6-W)
    Includes several networks by MRTNRLN:
    -Avenue with 3 lanes (2+1 or 1+2)
    -3-Lane One way Road (OWR-3)
    Future Version will include:
    -Regular AVE-4 with grassy median
    -Medianless Avenue with 8 lanes (MAVE-8) (Can be upgraded from 6-lane Wide uptown Avenue)
    -Support for France, English(UK), German, and Default Roadsets.
    More Features:
    -Bridges for most of the networks too.
    -All avenues are upgradable from the upgrade panel, and you can change them to any networks
    - Some of the roads will be dark asphalt with small trees when they're first layed down, then you can go into the upgrade panel by clicking on the road, and changing it to a
    light asphalt version with bigger (older) trees, to create a wear down effect.
    -All networks include bus stops
    Install Instructions:

    You MUST follow these instructions carefully in order for this Mod to work propertly!

    1. Make sure the following Mods are removed:
    And the AVE-2/OWR3 Mod, as these are included in this mod)
    MRTNRLN New US Road set
    If you have Realistic Roads Mod installed, I recommend to uninstall it, although if you don't have to remove it. Do not select the sidewalks mod if you have Realistic Road Mod installed)
    2. You must download ONLY ONE of the following files:
    -ZZZZZZ_CWM_Textures_White_Asphalt.patch (Will change all of the roads in your city with the new Light asphalt textures)
    -ZZZZZZ_CWM_Textures_Dark_Asphalt.patch (Will change all roads to have dark asphalt textures including AVE-2 and TLA-3, like Realistic Roads Mod.)
    3. Select the following Mod if you want Realistic Sidewalks:
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?c6694ezwxa5shz

    4. Download the Following File:
    ZZZZZ_Road_Addon_Mod.patch (The main core mod that includes the networks, layout files, class files, etc.)
    5. Enjoy the new roads!
    Thank you MRTNRLN For letting me use your TLA-5 as a base when I was learning how to make new roads! [​IMG]
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    UIM by Altiris

Recent Reviews

  1. Narcis
    Version: 1.1
    good textures! But Crashes randomly sometimes
  2. andrefmach
    Version: 1.1
    Estou tendo um bug chato com esse mod. Mesmo selecionando a versão dark, algumas avenidas são construídas com a textura white. As vezes se reiniciar o jogo volta ao normal, mas nem sempre :(
  3. juan eduardo
    juan eduardo
    Version: 1.1
    Genial men :) gracias
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.1
    I love the turn lanes. They are not very realistic at the intersections, but oh well!

    On the next version, can we get some grassy median roads with grass before the sidewalks (like the grass-paved roads- only with the median)?