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Dependency Cities XXL library mod BLG 1.0

Cities XXL library mod BLG

  1. Birk LeGlaire
    • None
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    This Mod aims to improve the lighting using particle.

    Without and with the mod.

    With this modd the particle Xmaslights has two new transmitters LumGrise and GrosDPoint.
    This transmitters are similar to the transmitter "whitepoint" in streetlights particle. As for the transmitter of Streetlights, this sphères are present only in the night.
    But it produces only a half sphere of particles (LumGrise) or a half sphere four times larger (GrosDPoint). However the major difference is the absence of indirect lighting which represents the radiation of the light on surrounding objects.

    Indeed, this indirect lighting presents three major defects.
    • The illuminated surface is not realistic. The lighting enlighten an infinite vertical axis. If a lamp is put at the bottom of a building, the building will be lit in all its height.

    • The lighting does not take into account the "normal" of the texture. A lamp inside a building lights also the outside of the building.

    • Lights is dependent on the grid pattern covering the map and a square of this grid accepts in most two lamps. Also according to the place of a lighting, this can "not light" any more.
      EclairageOK.jpg EclairageKO.jpg

    This new transmitter leaves the modder to make the indirect lighting. It gives however the sphere of particles which gives a more realistic touch.

    Here left a modd with an internal lighting, the entrance of a barn. The outside roof is lit, as well as the outside of the door and the wall up to the ground. And right the lighting was made by 3dsMax with a particle to feign the direct lighting. Only what must be lit is lit.
    SyntheseKO.jpg SyntheseOK.jpg

    And the same lighting with or without the "magic" particle.
    EclairageAvecParticle.jpg EclairageSansParticle.jpg

    Of course to use this mod you must use the particle xmaslights and call the transmitters LumGrise or GrosDPoint.
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Recent Reviews

  1. juan arce brenes
    juan arce brenes
    Version: 1.0
    excelente se ve mas realista
  2. secpol
    Version: 1.0
    I figured out the lighting in this game, more interesting, the number of downloads of 528, it's moders?))) Thank Birk for work! You are progressive moder!
    1. Birk LeGlaire
      Author's Response
      Tank you to appreciate my work. But I'm not a progressive modder. Perhaps I was it!
      I don't do mod any more. Or at least I don't publish any more.
  3. ObelicS
    Version: 1.0
    Is this usable in the game or its just for modding ?