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CJ City 14

Highly Populated, Bustling and Luxurious

  1. raymaster
    City 14 is located at the coast of UAE at the iconic Palm Islands. The luxurious city was built around the 1930s and was the center of bustling commerical and office operations in the 1940s. At the end of World War II, the city was rebuilt and was much modernized than before. During the 1970s, oil was discovered at the outskirts of the city and in 1990s, the population grew to 2,439,540. However, the city was taken over by the Combine in the 2020s during the Seven Hour War, causing the city to be left decaying over time.

    This City was inspired by Half-Life 2. I decided to make City 14 after it was mentioned in HL2.

    Three replica Olympic - class ships serving as museum ships at the city's waterfront.
    Pan Am Boeing 747's in storage..
    A 747-400 is taking off...
    Overview of the entire airport with 4 Runways..
    Cargo Planes at the airport's freight terminal..
    Main Terminal with shops..
    The terminal with the old control tower at the center. It was demolished in 2001 and replaced by another ATC tower.
    City-14's bustling commerical district..
    Alleged UFO sighting reported over concourse B in 2008. United Airlines pilots and United ground personnel reported seeing the object hover over gate B5 before disappearing after 20 minutes.
    A second alleged UFO sighting in May 2009. It was reported that this UFO hoverd above gate A2 before vanishing.
    City-14's commerical waterfront area..
    West view of the waterfront.
    More photos coming soon!! Hope you like it!! This City is still WIP
    The map is modded to look like Dubai's Palm Jumeirah..


    1. cxl_screenshot_dubai_10.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. nicko2u
    ok - some over saturated photos though that make it look not to good.
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Thnx..will try to snap one better next time
  2. Anonymous
    Your city looks pretty good so far. /u/Mike Puhimoto said: "Nice town, but 4 for the quality screenshots".
  3. Mike Puhimoto
    Mike Puhimoto
    Хороший город
    Но 4 за плохое качество скринов
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      english pls?
  4. sadiemydog
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      this is XL 2012 not platinum but thnx anyway
      i wouldnt want to fix graphics, it will make my PC lag
      thanks anyway :D
  5. Mrvoltura
    just set to high when you're taking photo,otherwise good
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      alright :D ...but will make my pc lag though
  6. RealCity
    set texture quality to high when you take photos
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Ok next time, but make my pc lag
  7. Josephlonde
    Use the Photoshop. Now are good, but can be like perfect
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Ok will do if I have time