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CJ City of Charlestone

City of Towers

  1. areczekjestem
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Announce the city of Charleston

    Current population:4 600 000 and still growing.

    Map: Charlestone

    I'm trying to finish this city, but 15 fps makes it quite difficult.
    After 10 years of adventure with the Cities XL series, it will be the last city, it's time to move to the more civilized Cities Skylines. Charleston is inspired by NYC and Chicago.

    More coming soon. :) citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.05 - citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.06 - View attachment 46917 citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.05 - citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.05 - citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.06 - View attachment 46917 citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2022.09.05 -

    citiesxxl (2).exe Screenshot 2023.03.02 -


    1. citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2023.03.02 -
    2. citiesxxl (2).exe Screenshot 2023.03.02 -
    3. citiesxxl (3).exe Screenshot 2023.03.02 -

Recent Reviews

  1. benmao
    good job The urban planning and style are flawless
  2. Ricardo Silva de Aquino
  3. Kitsunebi
    The highways and the skyline are awesome! I'm looking forward to see more :)
  4. kipate
    Wow, I really like your approach! Fantastic work on the skyline, and you have an eye for decorative elements (e.g. power lines, parking lots, ...)!

    Some parts I find a bit lazily executed. I mean, you have these huge interchanges right in the middle of the city. They take a lot of valuable area. If the city was rather vast, I'd appreciate that, but I think the way it is right now, it consumes too much area that could be used for residential purposes. Also, I miss some more ramps onto the highways. Or some feeder roads. I know that there are areas in NYC (like Brooklyn) where it can take some time to get to the next highway ramp, but here, some more access would make more sense in my opinion.

    Also, why are there only two tracks leading to the main train station? :D

    All in all, I'm still very keen on seeing more of this beautiful metropolis! Keep it up :) And some nice background anecdotes also enhance the atmosphere concerning the city ;)
  5. Project_Oz
    I like it very much and I hope you continue to build it. In the second picture on the left it seems a little too repetitive and the transition from tall blocks to small ones is too sudden but otherwise it is very well done. I also like that the size of the roads is proportional to the density of the buildings. Something I very rarely see here.

    Regarding the lag, for me, in platinum it helped to pause the game (after a few minutes you start it for a few seconds and then put it back on pause), when you build the image it should be as close to the ground as possible and to move the image as slow as possible. Also save the game more often and in different files.

    P.S. And take pictures. In my city, I could not get closer to Downtown because the game crash.
  6. Drazicdesign
    Only four photos, but four photos presenting a beautiful city under construction. I like the autumnal effect that you were able to bring out through the photos.

    The central exchanger is rather well done! this city seems dense and at the same time quite extensive.
    I can see that the city is not finished, but I like these first images!
    Of course the city newspaper needs to be completed, and I would like to see more photos of this city!

    I will readjust my comment when there are more photos.