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CJ City of Foskópolis

Welcome to the capital of Melañiza. Lean out and feel vertigo.

  1. TheFosaGames
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum

    I recommend listening this song while you read the post.


    Map of the Districts and the Neigbourhoods

    Organization: The city is divided into 4 districts, La Paz (1), Central (2), Periférico (3) and Campestre (4).
    The division follows the course of the rivers, and the Western Avenue, continuing the Central Park Lake.

    1. FAST FACS

    Nickname: Pacific City, The Gone Wild City, Healthy City, The Complete.
    Motto: Donec Clavem Civitalis
    Autonomous Region: Foskópolis Capital
    Province: Foskópolis
    Judicial Regions: Foskópolis I, II, III & IV
    Altitude: min, 0 mm. max, 193mm. (Montepinar)
    Population: 24,364,815 (2015)
    General Satisfaction: 1 85% 2 82% 3 88% 4 99%
    Average Satisfaction: 8,85/10
    Demonym: foskopolitano, foskopolitana.
    Postal Code: 01001-01099
    Dial Pref. (+35) 91x.xxxx.xxx
    Mayor (2015): TheFosaGames (PAL)
    Budget Money: 1,147,039,984 (2015)
    Pattern: St. William
    Patroness: St. Mónica
    Website: www.foskopolis.ml


    We don't have records about have people in these areas to 4.000aC, where skeletal remains have been discovered in the neighborhood of Marina.

    OLD AGE:
    Foskópolis was an important place for the Greeks, who founded the city as a port town called Salonkopolis. They've recorded for manuscripts found and currently stored in the National Museum. Later, the city was conquered by the Romans, who called Frolonkopolis. The Romans began to live around the current Monte Viejo, which corresponds to the old town when the Roman Forum, remains dating from the first century.

    MEDIEVAL AGE: In the Middle Ages, the city changed the name and was called Foskópolis, the city was one of the most important ports in the world, because we can find a variety of manuscripts from transactions with other traders in the Middle Ages. The city began to leave the Latin to make way for Spanish, the official language of the city.
    Christian culture is present in this city, the first cathedral to be built was the St. William, located on a slope of Monte Viejo, and which dates from 1249. Just one of the peaks of Monte Viejo is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, which was built from 1299 until his inauguration in 1310. in the Rock Island, there was lighthouse, which was destroyed in an earthquake in 1387.

    MODERN AGE: In modern times the city population was earning a substantial way. At this time they began to build almost all the cathedrals and churches in the city, namely by 1500.
    In 1773, the British army attempted to colonize Foskópolis, but lost the defeat, in the honor of the country, it was decided to lift the Arc de Triomphe, in the district of Santa Maria.

    CONTEMPORANY AGE: The 18th century was the century of gold, as they had so many artists in the city, a fact that led to create the Boulevard of culture, and where they are most museums in the city, and the neighborhood of La Latina, where is the best theaters in the city.
    The Industrial Revolution came tackles the city, leading to the creation of industrial areas in the south and north of the city. The first railway line linking Foskópolis - La Berdaña, a mountain village rich in coal. Currently all trains leave from the Estación del Oeste (Western Railway) Station.

    Foskópolis didn't participated in any World War.
    Currently the city is one of the most peaceful in the world and one of the best quality of life.


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    Metro, Bus & Tram Map Under Construction
    To be Continued... ^_^

    This is my first city.

    Ifyou want more information or a list of mods that I used, write it in the comments.

    PD: The green zones it's because the Greenergy is not loaded, but there are trees.

    PD2: The airport mod doesn't work in my city. TT
    PD3: There are a lot of references to another cities of the world, for example, L.A. (Santa Mónica and Punta Alegre), New York (Downtown), Pekin (Chinatown), Barcelona (Montepinar & Plaza España), Paris (Arc de Triomphe), London, etc.

    TheFosaGames ~ 2016.
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Recent Reviews

  1. lennon77
    demasiados rascacielos a mi vista, y eso que nueva york es mi amor platonico... Al hilo de lo que dijeron, creo que una ciudad mas plana se ve mas real, y sobre todo... tus habitantes tienen que estar locos por pillar un parque, alguna zona verde donde relajarse!! Dicho esto, te doy las 5 estrellas por que veo que fue tu primera ciudad, y porque al fin y al cabo hacer una ciudade de ese tamaño, lleva su trabajo. Felicidades.
  2. Marc Zandecki
    Marc Zandecki
    As Kipate said. Much more to learn have jou. Ore is it some one green litle gay that said it to someone with a lichtsaber? Never the less. Building city's is an art. If you are a fan of skyscraper cities than i would suggest. To concentrate them in to the center of the city and than work to the outside with layer by layer. (T3/T4/T2/T1. The landscape around the city is alsow verry important. From the pictures i can already see that jou have the basic understandings of wath it meens to build a city. Good luck for the future. And keep it realistic. Three stars
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      Keep in mind, this is my first city, I try to work hard next time. Thanks for the tips :)
  3. kipate
    Two stars the city, plus one for the nice description!
    Size is not everything! For now, I would recommend to find your own style. What kind of city do you like the most? More skyscraper-cities like Hong Kong or Tokyo? More the classical French or Spanish cities? Think about it.

    After having found your style, do three things first before you start building:
    1) have a look at the cities you want to resemble with Google Maps. They will surely not look like you imagined within any of their districts, there are always differences ;-)
    2) have a look at the forums and the CJs here. Maybe someone has built a city similar to what you want to build. Learning from others is the key :)
    3) have a look at some tutorials here for "Gameplay". They may be older, but still they contain all necessary information for beginners :)

    Afterwards, start building, and be patient, sometimes you will need to delete things again...
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      I like skyscrapers, but I like going out of the ordinary, that's what I try to do in my next city. Here I have focused on the quality of the people and the monuments. I know I have much to learn, but slowly I'll try to touch perfection. Thanks for the tips and for stopping here. :)
  4. ailo
    Te doy 4 estrellas ya que es tu primera ciudad. El mapa satélite es bueno. Pero lo que no me gusta es que hay tantos rascacielos, parece que estás torturando tu computadora jaja
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      El lag en el mapa es real JAJAJAJAJA, es una capital, quería que tuviera muchos rascacielos, pero se me fué de las manos jeje :p. Gracias por pasarte :)
  5. Inan
    To be honest, it is just a classic city of a beginner, 3 stars is the maximum. Zoned blocks, griddy, skyscrapers everywhere, no variety etc. But hey - don't bother, i don't know anybody whos' first city was a masterpiece, you will improve. The Journal part is very good. Keep on going! :-)
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      I'll try to do better next time, don't worry, I'll improvise. Thanks for have a look :)
  6. dlimpens
    average city, not very special, but oke
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      I wanted it to be the capital of my country. Now I will focus on creating new maps and make special cities. Thanks for checking :)
  7. Anirban
    Loved your city, i am posting a review in your discussion thread
    Also i loved your information and history, good job
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      About skyscrapers, i wanted there to many, the industrial zone would not bother much, Greenergy theme, all plots have some trees, the mountains also wear it. And the population wanted exceeded 10 million, but I didn't imagine 24 hahaha. Greetings :)
  8. Lord-Katania
    Un trabajo muy bueno que se merece solo aplausos.
    Yo veo que aunque la ciudad este muy muy bien te falten zonas libres me refiero a zonas no construidas.Las mejores partes sin dudas son el Chinatown preciosa la idea y el Foro Romano.
    1. TheFosaGames
      Author's Response
      Traté de aprovechar al máximo la ciudad, ya diseñándola desde el minuto uno (las calles, el funcionamiento, etc.), Después de estar casi 1 semana haciendo las calles y las direcciones de sentido que tendrían, elegí sitios donde colocar los barrios culturales, y luego ya fué usar la imaginación jajajajaja. Me alegro que te haya gustado Chinatown y el Foro Romano. Saludos :)