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CJ City of Los Santos

Sub-Gateway to the United States Of America

  1. raymaster
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    Los Santos is truly one of the most audacious and must see cities of the world. The people are beautiful and their attitudes... well, that's for you to discover. The city has everything... whether you're jet-setting, roughing it or in between, it's ALL here. Los Santos is an urban wonderland with its Babel towers, labyrinth of criss-crossing freeways, side streets, rundown residential districts and glamorous neighbourhoods. Los Santos is a place where you can see it all and have it all.

    The middle section of the city and its business/financial district, containing major corporate headquarters in Downtown, skyscrapers, very busy streets, many tourists and shoppers, and civic-minded buildings.

    The "poor" side of the city, made up primarily of working-class suburbs, small-time businesses and stores, single-family homes and housing projects that are all subject to violent crime, gang violence, drug problems (especially crack-cocaine), car crime (e.g. carjackings), poverty, prostitution, unemployment. Considered to be "the ghetto" of Los Santos.

    Los Santos has the fourth busiest airport in the world, serving more than 50 airlines up to more than 150 destinations around the world. A hub for American and Delta Air lines, the airport is the international gateway to the city. Connected by the massive highway system around the city, a monorail system to connect the airport and the city has been planned, while the LS Metro trains serve both T1 and T2. Another airport was located further west, named Los Santos Domestic Airport, formerly the main airport of the city. Now it only handles Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 jets.

    Los Santos was founded in the southwest United States in the early 1900s. Originally a small village, it was developed into a large metropolitan area slowly. Beginning the 1960s, population was around 1 million. Now, Los Santos is both a hub for commercial and transportation.

    Numerous boats docked at a large pier in West Los Santos during sunset.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_2.jpg

    Los Santos Avenue splits directions to East LS and Downtown. The incomplete monorail line can be seen.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_13.jpg

    Sunset view of the Los Santos Bay. with Downtown on the right.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_18.jpg

    The Commerce District beside Downtown. Contains malls, megamalls, holiday and business hotels, monorail train stops, and the piers.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_21.jpg

    Octane Springs Golf Course in the Octane Springs district. Olympic Stadium, on the left, is the largest stadium in LS. It was built in 1989, completed in 1995.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_7.jpg

    Scorching hot weather in Los Santos. Oran Twin Suspension Bridge on the right, designed to monitor and control traffic flow more efficiently.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_8.jpg

    Los Santos International Harbour at 12.30 p.m. The area has a mall and numerous hotels, to cater arriving and departing passengers. The harbour project was first launched in 1976, and was completed in 1992.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_10.jpg

    Early bird in Los Santos. The time is 8.47 a.m.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_12.jpg

    3 Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ERs at Terminal 1. The first 777, has just arrived from Singapore Changi Airport.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_1.jpg

    An Airbus A319 taking off from the Los Santos Domestic Airport, the old "Los Santos International Airport".
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_3.jpg

    A Boeing 737-300 landing on Runway 45L. The plane's landing lights on the lower left, near the engine.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_14.jpg

    Los Santos Railway Station in Octane Springs. Built in the late 1990s, the station serves as the main hub for the LS Monorail, Los Santos Metro, and the LSIA Express Train. Except the monorail, the metro and the express train are all underground.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_16.jpg

    A Los Santos Monorail Train heading towards a train stop in Downtown. The train uses nuclear energy as power, along with 4 train cars, to cater around 240 passengers.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_20.jpg

    Early morning view of the Los Santos International Airport in 2010. When Runway 15 was being built, the radio masts were torn down and relocated outside the airport perimeter as it interfered with the ILS landings.
    cxl_screenshot_los santos_22.jpg

    View of all the districts in the City of Los Santos. The unmarked areas between SouthEast LS, Hilltop View, and the LS Industrial Estates are undeveloped areas, as they are mountainous.
    Los Santos Districts.jpg
    The monorail train routes of the LS Monorail.
    Los Santos Monorail map.jpg

    Road Traffic Rates in Los Santos. The LS Industrial Estates have a moderate level of traffic flow, with frequent traffic jams.
    Los Santos Road Traffic Rate.jpg

    Overhead Satellite View of Los Santos Metropolitan Area in 2014.
    Los Santos Satellite View.jpg

    There you have it. A large metropolitan area built on high mountain areas. Forgive me if some of the photos are bright and dark. Enjoy looking at them anyway...Tell me what you think, what should I fix, improve or thoughts with the city design and infrastructure. :)

    Map is Hong Kong, because XLNATION keeps giving me error when I type Hong Kong.


    1. Los Santos Monorail map.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Something about this city reminds me of a comic book. Anyway, are the pictures you showed us your whole city? There has to be a little bit more!
  2. kipate
    4 stars! See post in the discussion thread!
    Also, I have to point out that I like the way you handle
    the traffic, the subway lines were wisely laid out!
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      oh thank you.. the subway lines you meant are the monorail?