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CJ City of Plainvilla

A beautiful City on the plains

  1. Titanicbuff
    NOTE: I origianlly posted this on my website:

    Welcome to the city of Plainsvilla- located 75 miles southwest of Teddy City, Plainsvilla is a majestic city on the plains- Like all cities theres a good side and a bad side- here we will explore that.
    Belching smokestacks greet those coming into the cities south end- ugly and imposing farmers bring goods to some of these for processing. The city is a mecca for all types of jobs, this is a downside type of job, but it works either way.
    The Hyde/Brownwell interchange- leading onto Kings 85 this interchange was built in the 1950s. its ugly and imposing, not fitting a city like this- but it works- the interchange comes out at Feldon Ave and Stewart Rd, one of the busier areas in the city.
    The same intersection- Feldon Ave is seen running towards the offices as it goes noth to south in this beautiful city, heading east to west into residential areas is Stewart Rd. Artificial hills were built to avoid flooding in the area thanks to a high water table, and to add some elevation to this remarkable city.

    See you next time.

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Your city is getting there. Some more pictures would help-particularly an aerial shot of your interchange.